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no rules just you losing brah ha

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  • Its time that I diss
  • Im writing my shit
  • Not liking these rappers they know they all bitch
  • Got rope for you kids
  • No joke your all shit
  • Ive been in this game for 3 months and I quit
  • You cunts are all wrong
  • I pack up the krong
  • And lately been practicing hating you flogs
  • No way ill hold on
  • I say what I want
  • You keep making trash I keep making these bombs
  • Ill fuck with your crew
  • A house ill run through
  • Nobody is safe omnious im coming for you
  • Ill send you right back
  • You’ll burn in the trash
  • I only be creeping you need too bashed
  • Your mother ill cut
  • Put burns in the slut
  • Pack rape the cunts with my mates make you watch
  • Omnious and your crew
  • Dont know what I do
  • Always watch got no fucking clue
  • Ill fuck with your crew
  • 8 onto 2
  • Taking them all off my face know you’ll lose
  • Im lonely so hit me im so off my head
  • Dont know why im dissing but why not I guess
  • Never steady you can see im ready
  • I got bars poppen I got heavy henny
  • Ive got a large sum
  • You got bars cunt
  • You go hard but
  • Your shit haaa cunt
  • Listen to this
  • Especially if
  • Your one of those rappers who think they are sick
  • Your tracks are all bust
  • You love smoking crum
  • Your mum is a slut


  • That recording really was trash
  • the way that you breathe sounded like someone was sucking dick in the back
  • Tried so hard to have lifted the track but it need me to out it in the trash
  • Rappin aint all about the flow son
  • rappin aint just about insultin somone
  • Shit saying ima lose but your the fuckinng dumb cunt
  • Yk ide slumd like you if i was rappimg on my last breath
  • ran a fucking marathon and only had half left
  • Im not even trying now half ass with the shit im writing down
  • Smile frown lying down i go pow see im just like you im not making sense
  • Like a christian. Thats praying to an athiest what tf ever man im playing shit
  • wamna see me try go check oit my page ya bitch

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