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  • // Verse One
  • Darn, Cicada really went too crazy with his family
  • "What should I do... Yes! I can insult him on the school magazines!"
  • He then took a pen out, and plays the pen
  • Motherfucker it's global warming right boys? This shit is a waste of lead
  • It's like literally telling the mayor "I never paid the tax"
  • I hate this crap, you wanna battle me or want me to take the trash
  • Outta this place, this school, it ain't no special education,
  • "Let's make some cash, now take this one Magazine Owners and break his back"
  • I should've told your mother you're a waste of cash
  • "Hey Virtual, come and get me! Come chase the Flash!"
  • You bragging faggot, I wonder what will you do when I play this track?
  • "Probably go dick suck mode but harder and hallucinates on crack"
  • Hear people say it? We need a better change,
  • "Muhfucking Virt, you think I'm angry? I never rage"
  • But wait- when's Letter Day?
  • // Hook
  • I never tried to stop a cunt,
  • Who "stalks" his mom
  • And talks a bunch of bullshit,
  • But who knows that Cicada can only flock or run?
  • // Verse Two
  • Cicada, here's your autopsy,
  • You can't even start stopping me,
  • It's like you losing in the vbucks lottery,
  • "Wait, what the fuck? V-bucks lottery"?
  • That's right Deerz, he is a waste to drop the beat
  • Now where's Destiny and Glory? Hiding in fear?
  • "Nah nah nah, Decoid, they are fighting in here"
  • You can still play a bet if you won some virtual currency,
  • "Bitch go for the lottery everyone is learning me"
  • What ya wanna set up? A magazine to hurt me?
  • A wreck up of ugly public people who use dirty
  • Ideas to destroy me? Yeah I got no career, I do rap for fun,
  • But how can you get a career if your albums are basically all tracks at once,
  • Replaced by a better cover? A better album pic?
  • With that much dicks you collected you can start selling dicks,
  • "10 dollars for each blowjobs! 10 cents for a slut too!"
  • Darn Cicada, you would be happy when people say "fuck you!"
  • // Hook
  • I never tried to stop a cunt,
  • Who "stalks" his mom
  • And talks a bunch of bullshit,
  • But who knows that Cicada can only flock or run?


  • What's that? Nitrogen? Your lyrics are Busta like OGs?
  • Your rhymes are hydrogen, your rhymes typin it slowly.
  • Wait a sec, fag ass, you still can't fuck with the king of rhyming,
  • You call yourself a lyrical Freezer? (NOW GET FUCKED BY MY LININGS)
  • Too bad Rippie lost in this rap war. Next Gen? You trap people like a backdoor?
  • Nigga I'm the God. You're fraud. If your life are coin slots then I pit holes in the toy cocks
  • I'm the next Eminem bitches, your rhymes are homemade witches.

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