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lets gettit!

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  • In the previous life I killed you, then drowned ya soul in the darkest ocean,
  • all my hitters need is A Q(cue) to leave U A dead bitch, Aquas soul is broken
  • Bxile has spoken..ill leave a sword stuck in this rockhead like Im not the chosen
  • then shoot a hole in ya fucking throat like you should stop the smoking
  • dont get roped in, to the bullshit this aint a rodeo you could survive,
  • Hulus cool, but Id rather watch you die so tell me, where do I subscribe?
  • you had a near death experience…ya soul went skinny-dipping and hence your title
  • but this time you’ll experience complete and total death like your lacking vitals,
  • I hope im not your idol, cause if I inspired you then I should die to
  • you and Motto too alike, I cant separate you from the trash like I dont recycle
  • i dont like you..ya bitch a freak, not a virgin cause she let me pipe dude,
  • these shots will leave you drenched in red like the cheap version of Ryu,
  • you shop at Gangsters R Us, and feel like a man for staying up past mommies curfew
  • ill let the Tommy curse you, now you hate the Rugrats as if Tommy hurt you
  • ill fuck you up with Sock Em Boppers. yeah im from that era bitch,
  • its an error bitch, to challenge me im like a living glitch
  • you cant exploit, you get the point like you sat on a thumbtack,
  • ya mommas head game dumbwack please dont ask how I know that,
  • these cold facts, a computer coward who only comes out for Happy Hour,
  • ya bitch let me modifier(modify her) pussy like a Mortal Kombat Tower
  • plowed her, wowed her, Spiked her drink behind her Back .... Bowser
  • Bow sir, Akimbo aimed at you, that right and left click fucking up more than ya Internet Browser,
  • you weigh an ounce turd, absurd you believed that you actually had a chance,
  • i love murking bitch rappers and this is our first battle, that’s love at first glance,
  • ill kill you in advance, then revive you to be killed again when originally planned,
  • me? im simply a man, reducing ya lifespan too quick seems miserably bland,
  • ill chop off both hands, you’ll then proceed to suffer from something called dyspnea,
  • noggin shaped like a light bulb, ill headshot your Eureka moment like fuck yo idea,
  • all your fans? now there a pist off bunch, seems they need a therapist,
  • ill drop yo body in the forest, then join the search team to scream THERE IT IS!
  • Hugh Hefner was my mentor, I’ve been known for breaking daughters spines,
  • Jesus was reincarnated, its Winesoul the way i turn water into wine...


  • BXile thinks he's got impressive stuff, but it's all pathetic fluff
  • I thought the Infinity Pens were tough - are you really a member, bruh?
  • I heard your skills were "clean", but they seem to be "collecting dust"
  • So I'm here to make "holmes (homes) value drop" like a Recession does
  • Your reputation's up, but how'd you do that? This wack emcee is clearly droll
  • You think your name's "etched in stone" with no "earth-shattering material"?
  • I've gone from scrolled papyrus, to notepads, then to code crackin'
  • This cro-magnun's still on stone tablets, he's old fashioned
  • I'll go crack him, I get it popping, you got those bubble raps
  • You couldn't have a "fan behind you" riding on a hovercraft
  • Not even his girl supports him, but she heard me and loved the raps
  • She loved more the just the raps, she "fell" for me cause I'm such a "catch"
  • In other words, she's not coming back, his fuckin ass is in jeopardy
  • I'm not just a leg up, he's a snake and I'm a centipede
  • I'm 1000 times better - check the BYOB, tho
  • I beat WCR, BMasterz and Orleo, I "won (one) with 3-0" (1000)
  • But they're fresher than most with excellent posts, but this unintelligent joke?
  • BXile could be "impaled" and still wouldn't be "ahead (a head) on this poll (pole)"
  • The Pens will vote for you, but you're not better than Soul - I come the hardest
  • I'm here to "lay waste" but I normally don't "fuck with garbage"
  • This dumb retarded rapper gets dropped when I bomb the premises
  • But "we'll remember you for that light work" like Thomas Edison
  • He's on the precipice the way I'm cracking him open
  • Because "I'm killing his pride", like an African poaching
  • I've seen those gun bars in your got a weapon? Cock it, then!
  • Only time you've had a "close call with the cans" is using them to talk to friends
  • Come on, send shots with them! This ass the dumbest, don't act the toughest
  • You couldn't "raise the eight" if your wife had octuplets
  • I'm past discussion, beating me's a bigger stretch than racks in dungeons
  • Remember you asked for this, because that's why I'm passing judgement
  • God damn... Schrodinger's Cat was a theory ahead of its time
  • But when I "box this pussy" he's dead 100 percent of the time

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