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  • Got enough on my plate
  • Now you tryna settle this
  • With a lyrical debate
  • My victory is biblical
  • You better abase cause
  • I ain't gonna abate
  • Never gonna abdicate
  • My skills are abnormally anomalous
  • Invisible, eligible for the ruins of thousands
  • Anoymous till the last breath
  • Cornered you in the cleft, no way out
  • You ship is shrunk, sunk
  • How can you get me now when you're punch drunk?
  • Not being extravagant, but everyone thinks
  • That you're acting like a bitchy termagant
  • After this I'll throw you in the fire-
  • Of your own funeral pyre
  • Tommorow you'll still be smouldering
  • My fury and your regret will hold you in
  • Suffering only fuels me
  • Black Hellfire spurring, bursting out
  • Charred and scarred your reputation
  • Leave you thinking in desolation
  • If you surrendered
  • Your tried case would be mercifully reversed and rendered
  • But now, I cant afford to be lenient
  • Let my prey tattered in ruins
  • Never needed to extemporise
  • Yet all of my opponents vaporised
  • Oxford dictionary sitting here in the dust
  • Never needed to memorise shit
  • Before you even realize it
  • BANG
  • My lines leave a blast in your gut
  • Little Riding Hood should've never went back
  • Cause you never know when the hound's gonna pounce
  • Your effort never counts
  • I'm immortal, indestructible
  • Now I'm wiping off the blood on my shirt
  • Waiting for the next victim to come
  • All those who opposed me
  • Don't make the same blunder they did
  • I took care of em
  • Where are they now?
  • They're all six feet under.


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  • don't ask questions.
  • Don't need those fucking lessons.
  • Learned from my sins.
  • I have my fucking reasons.
  • You could learn from my experience.
  • You know those things that you are scared of? I respect them demons.
  • Don't worry, not everyone's safe.
  • I'll bury you in the grave.
  • No I won't replace you.
  • But If I was brave enough, I could replace you.
  • You could press that button, if You want to continue.
  • But I don't think you should mess with my crew.
  • I don't know about this blue view.
  • It's like I wanna die.
  • Ya, you know how I fly.
  • Do you want to go before you say goodbye?
  • Rather live in Mumbai then sit and watch your ass cry.
  • You don't need to ask why.
  • You see me flying away like a red butterfly?
  • You be on that high life, while I'll be on my 666.
  • I have a right to say that I'm fire.
  • When is the next cypher?
  • Even if you light up an entire city, I could be brighter.
  • Bitch I could make you " Ex Fighter".
  • Yes, I can't be anymore righter!
  • I know your desire.
  • I don't need your empire.
  • I'll hold you tighter.
  • I'll stab in the heart.
  • Yes I could be that dark.
  • I'll throw you in a pool full with shark.
  • Bitch I won't be your clark. I won't be your spark.
  • Ain't hang around the gangsta park.
  • I aint no internet gangsta.
  • I don't need to be a rasta' .
  • I don't need all that propaganda.
  • I could be an internet masta'.
  • Don't need those fast cars, they don't really lasta '
  • I don't need to go to space with you, I can just hang with NASA.
  • I could hang with you, but I'd say "YA BASTA"
  • I could always be fasta'.
  • You should hang with the dark force, or you might not last long.

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