Battles  Liljc916 vs Asaad_king


no hard feelings just bored no recordings no beat lets get it

Max of 40 lines


Asaad_king won this battle!


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  • you want some beef?
  • hahahaha, i got you/
  • check it/
  • im about to enter kings fire? where is that, you better call a ceasefire/
  • enter the cypher, your niether a fighter or a writer/
  • bite you like a viper, you tried to decipher my lyrics, and fell into the mouth of a tiger/
  • look at my sniper, aiming at your head, i stood over your corpse
  • i need support of course i need endorsement checks/
  • dont let a hater go unchecked i keep my whores in check/
  • now dont fret i dont forget a threat, you say your fire? i put you out like a cigarette/
  • ima triple threat, i put u in a plastic bag and post you on the internet/
  • the thought of me spraying lead made you wet the bed/
  • so go ahead and spread your legs for sex and bootlegs and bad checks/
  • #noregrets ill sit back and look at my rolex/
  • im going high tech rated R you rated XX/
  • went after anonymous now im coming for you next/
  • i saw you flex, im vexed and perplexed i was blessed/
  • with the talent of rapping like im possessed/
  • i suggest you back out i know that your obsessed/
  • and stressed and so desperate you look at your mommas breast/
  • what throne? tryna blast away like little einstein(its a meme, he said he was blasting people)
  • you think your fire and fly? put you in my jar/
  • sitting catching flies, at least try to comeback before you die/
  • superman vs pink panther, call you superwhy/
  • we all know im super fly/
  • calling people pedophiles? you suck dick then switch up to a different guy/
  • i wrote this shit in 4 minutes 24 seconds while i was high/
  • you act like you undefeated bitch bye!


  • Alright finally got my wifi back, lets go
  • You come here, I'm laughing since you're the challenger
  • I accept the battle with no fear, you aren't a damager
  • Damn nigger, while you appreciate talkin' in the bed I'm slammin' her
  • When you send the battle request, I'm just marking another win on the calendar
  • You might have a 63.64% win rate, but you got no chance against me
  • How you pull up with a gangster entry
  • and try to threat me, with a gun, that's magazine is empty
  • You pick to battle me because of your jealousy
  • How do you have that confidence when you're so far from your destiny
  • I'm makin' lyrics with genius flows, lettin' the others wonder how I wrote it
  • 4 wins and 0 losses, I own it, when you read the defender rap, your confidence exploded
  • You pretend you're ruthless but your clips are unloaded
  • Real niggas aren't like you, they don't get folded
  • You're about to get out-voted
  • Let's go back, you should've thought, can I beat the king? from the start
  • Now you're regretting it, you retard
  • You need to stop your trash rappin', we're all waiting for it to happen
  • When the results come, you'll be sad, and I'll be laughin'
  • I'm not at a graduation, but I aim at you and start clappin'
  • You ain't savage, stop actin' you ain't really 'bout any of that action
  • Your birthdate is a forever tragedy
  • This unstoppable dis is triggering your anxiety
  • Let's face it though, my lyrics never die in reality
  • you act like your age is the number three, that's why you were never meant to be
  • That's the only thing that the blind can even see
  • I can make your career turn into a fantasy
  • I got more bars than the stars in the galaxy
  • you know it's more than your mentality
  • Imma be fully honest, you need a dictionary
  • Your intelligence is imaginary
  • How could you say I'm friendly
  • Nigga clearly---I'm deadly
  • And you're gonna know that, especially
  • When you see my winning spree
  • You wannabe!

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