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  • So you wanna be Eminem want to breathe fire into flame and fan fame
  • You like violence and shove slim shady nails into your ittybitty eyelids
  • Buddy you're twelve, pretty well shell shocked when lions roar, relax their tame
  • But I'm Lion king the mane event you can't prevent me
  • Or preempt my pen as I vent venom, spit at this kid
  • I took these bars, bent em put him on the skids
  • Left him sittin in his size ten denim
  • Somebody put him inna kid's pen and switch his diaper he's shittin
  • Little J_A_C ain't got creative license, he's got to be driven
  • I'm here to murder this Fisher-Price little tyke than send him to heaven
  • Bro I hear you got followers congrats mate, You're a big boy can you count as high as 27, 28?
  • But here's what's happenen, people checkin up to see how deep a grave you lying in.
  • Checked up on you're wall, seems you got an ISIS crisis at the door leavin you sore whimperin
  • Hear you hate Self and LilSeth, Take a deep breath big boy it's alright daddy's home listenin
  • Oh shit, my bad, no he isn't!
  • Mommy bitch switched, ditched and pitched his dick in prison
  • You ain't coming back from that JACk you're shattered like a prism.
  • This is BYOB: Bring your own barbecue,
  • I'm bringing something special Imma smoke,roast, toast you.
  • My name is Jobs: Jenius Overcoming your BS
  • Your name is J_A_C. What's that mean Juvenile Avoiding Clitoris?
  • You oughtta know what that is slim shady introduced it,
  • Then again you prolly still looking for your first kiss
  • "Jobs is gonna kill me!" You holler at the outset early onset cowardice
  • Cower at this flawless flaunting of Job's jaunty agility leaving you chilly like jaundice
  • That's gonna give you a cold get some meds for that cough
  • Better call somebody old enough to sign for those drops I'm signing off
  • But first I'll burn you scorch you torch you hotter than a Molotov
  • Hey little J_A_C I see you sneaking with the Playboy mag to the attic loft
  • You sure you got enough balls to be J_A_C-ing off?

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