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Short Lines Max 20

Max of 20 lines


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  • I’m laughin at you dumb fucks try and battle and get cut up
  • Razor blade bout to turn afro to a buzzcut
  • Fuck afro samurai I put out ya candlelight
  • With more dope lines than a thousand grams of white
  • To win on here nowadays the attack plan is basic
  • Highlight lines here and there and add annotations
  • That shit is insane I guess I’ll play along though
  • But think that you safe and get cracked with a combo
  • You challengin me to build ya name up claimin you a monster
  • I agree you feedin off the GOAT so you a chupacabra
  • But in a plot twist you the one who gets slaughtered
  • Cause medics/cosmetics to restructure ya face like a beauty parlor
  • You tryna fuck with me? Ya name sounds like a b-movie from the 70s
  • I’m greater/grater with it shred ya whole block to get that cheddar cheese
  • You beatin me? That’s like a nazi occupier sayin, “Mazeltov l’chaim!”
  • You cotton soft but lighter you flop like awkward divers
  • My mind sharper than the claws of the maharajah’s tiger
  • So it’s plain/plane to see you gettin dropped like kamikaze fighters
  • I apologize if any of these lines were too long when I wrote somethin
  • The fact that you need short lines proves you can only write shit with no substance

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