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Battle on June 15 2019


  • This round would go wild like a dog forth to crime
  • a bone I chewed like a gum that it turn into plushes
  • You tasted the crumbs inside the kitchen got you on
  • microscopic device but if my eyes dilated and started
  • tripping cats to land on their back I will utilize the lenses
  • to peak out the ductile shooting lasers in my eye
  • But your the one who prolly got a pink eye
  • for using paint thinner for your eyes to loose screw
  • and go eye drop with the candy bar you got from
  • a stranger so swallow up like your growing
  • a wide shoulder laced lost your neck
  • you cant be wise an owl
  • Saying to yourself that you held few bullets
  • but never withstand it
  • but still a passenger latching someone behind the seat
  • I can change my identity so my ideas aren't bent noses


  • I'm so cold wit it when I go to spittin leave the mic sumpin like a snow cone in it/
  • I'm a known go getter you know I'm winnin seen mo shells and green then master Splinter/
  • Ya boy stay frosty even after winter my hairline receding but my pockets isn't/
  • I'm the shit and britches ain't fazed by you bitches/
  • Keep dimes in line like a roll of silver/
  • I told ya killaz kill mo then instrumentals and instrumental to tha game like dice and victor/
  • Fuck price not trippin if I want it I get it I spoil myself and thats my damn business/
  • Can get a witness then break em off for snitchin heed 3 sixes warning Dont Be A Witness/
  • I'm a fuckin rap ninja all my passengers bad women/
  • Wit big ass booties lil waist and nice titties/
  • And they hold down my strap shout out P Diddy/
  • Haha yall cant fuck wit me that's no bullshittin/
  • I'm bout that life ho that's how I'm livin got 6 shows booked sold out fo New Beginning/

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