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Battle on February 12 2020


  • Yo, i'm cold as steel, cold like the pole of the North
  • I got some steel and the pole on me as heat, for warmth
  • I'm bi-polar, I'm looking and pointing up at NorStar
  • aiming to shoot em down to the South Pole
  • got you coming up then down both poles like a stripper pornstar
  • Like Satan, youre now a shooting star,
  • my wish was " can wack rappers like you just drop dead "
  • It's now been granted, wooh, I am such a hot head
  • You say and call yourself Grimn, well then i am the Grim Reaper
  • I'm grime, grimey, you can say i'm (sinister ) Sin-neester
  • So called rappers like you getting unwrapped and outwrapped
  • Nothing fake, the beef is real like a steakhouse outback
  • Lately i've been more competitive, and no rappers like you are my conrads
  • I am (a mortal ) immortal in these rap battles thats full of deadly combat
  • Some battles I treat like a fight to death, other battles, I just like to play
  • But the results are the same thing, which always ends the same way
  • Everytime, my opponents die in vain as I live and see another day
  • Forget a hater or a hating foe
  • I just love doing everything my haters hate me fo
  • These hating rappers taking shots and dissing
  • Miss me with all that B.S, I just ignore and don't never listen
  • I really have no true competitors,
  • I done made all my competition run out of business
  • These bars are unheard of, this rapper is abnormal
  • My flow is from another dimension, i'm out this word,
  • like i'm a futuristic rapper that traveled through a portal
  • You can die in this battle right now, so you're a mortal
  • I aint battled in a long time, so now i'm tryna get back my mojo
  • Spittin Mojo Bars, strong like Muscle Milk,
  • you just a snack, No Homo
  • I aint looking for Santa, but i'm following NorStar
  • I aint in need for directions neither, and thats fo'sho
  • You just a appetizer, but rappers like you disgust me,
  • make me lose my appetite
  • But bone appetite as I just grab a bite
  • Then I spit you out like you got a bad after taste
  • A lot on my plate but I eat and lick it clean, that's a happy plate
  • You see my happy face
  • I was just playing, I been serious,
  • This battle was over before it started, it's over yo
  • and this was just a sample,
  • If I did a full dosage, thats would've been overdose


  • Why L G, naw that's a question tho ya feelin me/
  • Young Life energy enters me when I'm killin these/
  • Enemies at the gate it's like I'm rapping these victories/
  • Take it back to moments in history when I was seventeen/
  • Murkin rappers at open mic night at Ugly Mike's on 22nd street/
  • Anybody that stood next to me beheaded him goin for the neck wit ease/
  • I'm a savage G livin lavishly wife and kids dont ask for things/
  • It jus comes naturally when mastering my craft so masterfully/
  • So you a Gangsta huh, you might be but hoe please I know scores of em/
  • Took scores from some of em, gunned a bunch of em I'm from the slums with dirt on my gun youngin/
  • Aunts with bunions Sam's choice and funions/
  • My life would bring you to tears like a room full of onions/
  • Shit I did to get where I'm at the muck and guts crawled thru to have a real chance to relax/
  • Wait till you an old life Gangsta if you live long enough for that/
  • The trap ain't a kick it spot fyi shouldn't even be furniture jus work and straps/
  • Matter fact Google map my past and avoid that path/
  • Nowadays kats claim they hard I laugh those skinny jeans ride all up your ass crack/
  • Look like a bunch of brokeback hillbillies wit dreads and died hair hashtag facts/
  • Homie step back for you get that ass smacked back to the 90's where the real Gangstaz at/
  • My jacket stay flack in case my past creep back/
  • What you know about fiends strapped up cause you sold em soap instead of crack/
  • Dont boast in your track or get ghosted by a Mak/
  • 10 or 11 we like targets where yall at/
  • Stare in the eyes of a real manic I will peel a fuckin cap without a second thought about that/
  • You already know you matching bars with a real pro/
  • I been doin this before your were the mistake your parents let grow/
  • Dare to explode puff your chest and beast mode/
  • And see Godzilla tear you a new asshole/
  • Drive slow down your block bumpin Grimm radio/
  • I'm my biggest fan so what you wanna fight about it bro/
  • Nor known to throw blows with anyone that wanna go/
  • I fuck you boys up round for round toe to toe/
  • I'm a real Psycho no Puppet a real foe/
  • You jus faux no real in ya jus hoe/
  • Bro go slow take it easy know war/
  • Can creep up on ya like age on old folks/
  • Ivy up sign post, and sharts outta assholes/
  • Trust me it's no hassle I'm jus givin ya what u asked for/

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