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  • Lyrics in video, a few words ran off screen tho


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  • verse #1 - ayjay
  • im like viagra u know that i stay hard
  • Hotter than magma put you in a graveyard
  • Fuck the clubs i be baggin hoes at kmart
  • Sayin u lit but u aint hit my radar
  • Fly like a eagle my lines are too lethal
  • You use em, u dyin my guy we not equal
  • Despisin u people, im tryna be peaceful
  • But i cannot lie dawg im evil
  • I only play if we talkin bout Apex, Gucci shoes i recall shoppin at payless
  • Boolin w Rumorz we got all the paychecks
  • Boujee bitch w me she blacker than latex
  • verse #2 - rumorz
  • She blacker than latex, don't know what I'll say next
  • Uh, but I'll still hit that shit anyways
  • Open her legs I arrived at heaven's gates
  • I don't get tired bitch call me Kevin Gates
  • Chilling with AyJay we balling like Kobe
  • Still wishing that someone would know me
  • I came in with force you can call me Kenobi
  • Got the high ground, blessed like I'm holy
  • I'm at the highest peak when will I ever rest?
  • The answer is never, I'm never at my best
  • So do you think you can impress and contest
  • This monster, please just save your breath
  • verse #3 - ayjay
  • Do more and say less thats rules u should follow
  • I graduate school like tomorrow
  • And im w the crew like sopranos Im keepin a tool
  • Fuck the lean im sippin juice out the bottle
  • Listen homie u a lame, been the only in the game
  • Who spittin holy thats a shame, but yall denyin it
  • Damn seems like dissin on me is the wave
  • Kids all on me every day
  • Sayin all this and sayin all that
  • But they arent shit, im layin yall flat
  • 10k on my wrist, we makin the racks
  • I stay fuckin lit, u fake and its facts
  • Came w a bitch and came wit a mac
  • Aim and then hit, the safes in the back
  • We takin the shit, not payin ya back
  • verse #4 - rumorz
  • Not paying you back, this is a robbery
  • Seems like my name is the latest commradere
  • If I'm not on your playlist, well I oughta be
  • Spitting so real, cuz I practice that honesty
  • Honest as fuck, it's why people judge, I'm on cloud nine, I'm always above
  • The hate that you spread, it's just like a bug
  • Jokes on you, I'm immune to that stuff
  • Speaking of jokes, I just heard your joint
  • If you were my student you won't get a point
  • So keep fucking failing, I'll just take a break
  • Aye, I'm so high grade you can't be saved
  • I need a day off, call me Ferris Bueler
  • I get that OK just like I'm a sooner
  • Deflower this babe, she's a late bloomer
  • She know my name, but she calling me Rumorz
  • This is that intro, I'm just getting started
  • AyJay and Rumorz yeah we go the hardest, hit the show and we rocket like James Harden
  • Not on the defense but we're well reguarded
  • On the attack, just spitting raps, I'm killing the trap
  • And the boom bap, nothing I can't have
  • New girl that I smash, I give her all that, aye

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