Battles  voidwriter5963 vs Autophobia


No cursing

Max of 64 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • You such a kid, you can put back on your bib.
  • I give dominance, and you just vomit.
  • Just try me, we'll see how it goes.
  • I also see that your rapping blows.
  • My raps are so toxic, quick, and slick,
  • you just get sick.
  • Your raps are dead, you should be filled with dread,
  • My raps shred instead of med.
  • You should start running, it will bring you less suffering,
  • I'll be burning while you be serving,
  • Just start learning, you'll stop a lot of people from hurting.
  • You sit there searching, while I sit there I wonder if i should spare.
  • Say a prayer, your raps don't attack, they just slack.
  • I'm the better one, you already know who won.
  • Back down and I will spare your rap,
  • but, got to say, your raps are crap, they're so bad, people should give you a slap.
  • This is so boring I could take a nap.
  • I'm done for now, but i'll be back for more.
  • So just sit back and snore.
  • You little piece of crap.


  • Heh...
  • The Frisdis,
  • Dont know I'm about buisness,
  • You need a diss,
  • I'll send it,
  • My career,
  • I defend it,
  • Too bad you'll never know what victory tastes like,
  • I'm sorry you a filthy lil (CENSORSHIP)wipe!
  • Go ahead and die,
  • You said try me,
  • Well I tried,
  • Treat you like my extra chick,
  • Set you aside!
  • Just get a life!
  • Cuz you ain't getting mine!
  • Fine!
  • I'm tired of dealing with this Swine!
  • Hit you up now your out of time,
  • See your new here,
  • Ain't worth a dime!
  • Victory is mine!
  • I'll show you down,
  • This is my town,
  • I'm the alpha,
  • You a clown,
  • You polish shoes,
  • I wear a crown,
  • Got to your school,
  • On lockdown,
  • Bang!
  • One less classmate now.
  • Did you think that I was done,
  • You not on the leaderboards but I'm numba 1,
  • Learn how to rap and I'll give you my respect,
  • You got a long way to go,
  • Without a harness tryna climb a cliff.
  • What I'm saying is you got room to grow,
  • I got money you just got hoes,
  • When will people learn hoes dont love,
  • I'll win this cuz you've had enough!
  • No hard feelings,
  • In the paper the brutal killings,
  • Dont be unwilling,
  • Follow you into that building,
  • Murder you just like this track,
  • Cuz once you get into rap...
  • You never go back.

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