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5-15 lines

Max of 15 lines


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  • I heard him breathin' for the final time, but your heart no longer sounds strong, but you kinda scared of dying so you try hold on, and you keep on blacking out, and your pulse is low
  • Stop tryin' to fight the reaper,give up, relax, and let it go
  • Because there's no way you can fight it, but, your still gonna try
  • You can try fighting it but you'll still gonna die
  • Your spirit leaves your body, fly's up and disappears, and your mind's clear
  • You start your journey into outer space, heaven's in your way
  • You see yourself in the light, but you're still feeling outta place, your spirit looks down and says "Damn Im'a miss this place"
  • So you standing in the tunnel of eternal life, wishin' I coulda have an immortal life, and you see the ones you never learn to love in life, cry their lives away


  • You might wanna hang on tight because it's gonna be a wild ride
  • This verse will make you commit suicide
  • This will set on your fire with an intense blaze.
  • Once you see me in your town, they'll think I'ma the next Jack The Ripper
  • It's sad how you are jacking off to a drivers license
  • I'm sneaking up on you as I'm in silence
  • I look at your raps and they're not visionary
  • I sit here as I loiter everything in your raps aren't good, not even very
  • I had a blast
  • I'm done kicking your ass

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