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  • //Intro//
  • Pfft, THIS NIGGA!
  • You actually got so mad at me for dumb reasons, G.
  • I looked at your shit, ASS..
  • Welp, Okay!
  • //Verse 1//
  • Heard 'bout a nigga, call him Asaad_king
  • Bitch please! After i pass you, you'll be A Sad King
  • The nigga actually thinks that he's royalty,
  • If he is, i guess that's a reason, he's so damn Spoiled, G.
  • Your loyalty has failed, leave you floating like some buoyancy
  • I'm always reading minds, bitch you're mad, leave your plans foiled, see,
  • leave the poisoning in the toiletry, when you die,
  • i'll be left with voiceless glee.
  • King's fire is what i'm about to enter?
  • And i'm about to get smoked? Listen, defender,
  • You're the fire that's barely sparkin',
  • Yet i'm across the street, that combustion that's very shockin',
  • you best depart hun, Wait, you think i'll be starved, bruh?
  • Bitch please, i'll eat you like it's cannibalism,
  • Can a bull get in, yes, cuz i'm one with rhythm,
  • ever since i ate your ass up, improvement of metabolism,
  • i'll be the only one standing after the cataclysm,
  • rats are bitches, just like you, but i still attack the system,
  • expand the prism, of uncertainty, you can't adapt the wisdom,
  • i'll single you out, so angry you turn to activism,
  • pass the rhythm, wait, i don't need it,
  • give it to this rap negligence, yet it's still terrible,
  • yet you see me over here, i sit and smash the rhythm,
  • I'm the DMC Delorean,
  • You Defiant Malaria Cell Historian,
  • You're history because i'm tacking you back in time, this's not a story from,
  • A Sadsack that just raps bad, with lines and rhymes that sting eyes like scorpions
  • Your raps been getting bloody, He needs rap from his creator.
  • Calling me the fantasty? That's why you gave your blood to witches? Just a hater!
  • I'm going through insanity, the ghost that kills the Phantoms, See?
  • Said he was a king, bitch where's your henchmen, please,
  • tell me, but i can tell you're living in a fantasy,
  • I'll take it all like it's banditry, bitch grab the gun and i brandish thee,
  • taking shots while you're a king in the past, it's your relapse,
  • your castle will collapse--
  • //Intro//
  • Wait, what castle?
  • You're worthless, if you ever had a castle, you've been caught in dreams...
  • You've been living a lie. You never were a king.
  • You never had a throne.
  • Rixos... I know my name rhymes with fix,
  • but this time i'm leaving you broken.
  • Think again before messing with a lord that takes your head as his token.


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  • I honestly was hoping I can find some beef.
  • This will be fun.
  • This kid can't tell the difference from "your" and "you're" it's funny.
  • Here I go..
  • King's fire is what you are about to enter, I recently heard you got
  • sent back to the adoption center, you try to make friends, but you assume
  • gender
  • You're a fucking sex offender
  • This isn't your time, Imma blast you away, this is my throne
  • Bitch, my raps eat you down to the bone
  • I don't think you're so ready for your humiliation
  • honestly your bars aren't that good, they're a violation
  • I'm all about domination
  • And with you it's always devastation
  • you really need an education
  • Your brain needs some medication
  • I bet you're in lots of frustration
  • From my lyrics you can't escape bitch this ain't jailbreak
  • You're nasty ass breath so hot, it broke the hell gate
  • I got bars like a jail cell, in yo moma head like some hair gel
  • you're dissin' Winnerz, sayin' that he loses, but why you talkin'?
  • All you can win is the participation trophy
  • You're killing yourself slowly
  • Your whole fucking family is lonely
  • You're retarded mostly
  • Why you provin' to us you a phony?
  • "Told you i can end your career"
  • Bitch yours ends near
  • nothing protects you like you ain't got no atmosphere
  • Because these lyrics strikin' make you say sorry full of fear
  • You better disappear
  • You thought dissin' Winnerz would let you win, nah Imma just come and throw your career in the trash bin
  • You just want attention
  • Such an aggression
  • We all know, you and success don't have a connection
  • Welp, looks like you just went offline
  • Honestly
  • Keep up your acts, you gon' be hungry
  • with no legacy
  • You're filled with jealousy
  • You're so far from your destiny
  • you act like your age is the number three, that's why you were never meant to be
  • I bet you can even see
  • I can make your career turn into a fantasy
  • I got more bars than the stars in the galaxy
  • you know it's more than your mentality
  • You thought you were good, did you forget about reality?
  • Your birth was a tragedy
  • I'm sorry that you're sad, honey
  • While you're reading this, you're getting anxiety
  • Damn my raps been getting bloody
  • I'm sorry buddy but you ain't even had an opportunity
  • no one likes you in society
  • You're just a rookie You can not advance
  • Givin' you one chance but it'll collapse
  • Sometimes I hope, you'd learn how to make some raps
  • I know you are afraid to lose, but you're already losing, this is your most awkward situation
  • I am sorry to break it to you, you're the main mistake of your own generation
  • You have a bad rap reputation
  • You can not rap, it's what I'm going to put in indication
  • You're trash, must be disposed You got smoked

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