Battles  Jago_The_Wanderer vs Isis_Nigga


Sorry for the odd line count, but I want this to be fair. Go all out, this is a learning experience.

Max of 13 lines


Jago_The_Wanderer won this battle!


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  • Man you really shouldn't have accepted this, went in blind like how my brother is,
  • He can't see shit, like you can't see this, John Cena on the track,
  • But you gon' catch the Abyss, big Slam, got you lookin' for the Black Hole Sun(son),
  • Guess I'm leading you through my Garden of Sound huh,
  • Got you hittin' the ground harder than water in Japan, now you're gonna need food to Nippon,
  • I guess this is how shit starts, I'ma let you starve, damn I'm harsher than cigars,
  • I'm Facin' a phony Czar, it's off to the slammer for you, Cos B gonna get raped hard behind the bars,
  • Do you understand what you're up against, you'll need a lot of retries for these failed attempts,
  • Cause I read your next move like the ancient texts, I'm in your mind now, you've got nothin' left,
  • I'ma hop over you, king me, this checkers but you ain't gonna check me, like we was at a chess meet,
  • If you're moving wrong i'm finna En Passant, cause this is another take in a game full of pawns,
  • Dark until I came in with The Firestarter, with my bars on heat, let's make the flames grow larger,
  • If you wanna see J Go harder, then you need to pay up, cause I need those dollars.


  • Jago is eating play doh with his ladle
  • He’s jewish and gives me top like a dreidel
  • No homo but my nigga thick like j-lo
  • I fucked this nigga bitch in the sink
  • Yo mama told me my breath stink
  • It’s cuz I ate her mama pussy last night while wearing my mink
  • Mink coat
  • Suck a nigga dick like I’m in sicko mode
  • yo I ain’t shit
  • But this nigga lookin like a fish stick
  • Pussy ass nigga suck in on dishcloth dick

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