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  • My eyes have seen more than clouds in the sky
  • Gimme the chance I could make you cry
  • Don't got talent... Don't got skill
  • But unlike others... I got free will
  • Driving your career, clearly downhill
  • If only people would give me a shot
  • I'd swim to the seas, cruising as a yacht
  • Cancelling you out, don't do pot
  • It's lyrical sadness that I just brought
  • I could shred you in a heartbeat...
  • Not physically, but emotionally
  • Got you and your dumbass shaking in their seat
  • I can throw out some emotions... Watch you retreat
  • As all you bitches seem to flow on repeat
  • I look back at all my writings
  • How are you the one in those findings
  • Me and my single syllables
  • Keep you thinking I'm a miracle
  • Making rhymes that are individual
  • To make your lyrics seem almost criminal


  • Ain't nan muphuka on here career Ndizbish/
  • So kill all that hublah that you killin careers and shit/
  • Whatever happened to keepin it 100/
  • Half you muphukaz on here stuntin and frontin/
  • You know I killed a foo on here sayin he was a hundred sumpin/
  • In real life I bet this kat was 3 foot nuthin/
  • With me there is no bluffin it's all truth in the booth/
  • So when I tell yo ass I will let loose and come unglued/
  • Take it as the muphukin gospel that's wtf I'm bout to do/
  • I was problem at home and in school/
  • On the streets and in the military too/
  • Got kicked our for snappin and beatin the shit out a recruit/
  • So dont get me started cause I will rip you apart like you read tear here/
  • And bomb on your ass like you didnt get clear/

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