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  • You faker then your moms tits
  • I don't play games, I finish you in minutes
  • I hit you out of your body, welcome to the land of spirits
  • Your words are proof of your age
  • You have childish rhymes, I have big boy lyrics
  • You too generic, too pathetic,
  • After this battle you'll steal my lines like you ain't got the credit
  • I'm ill with the reteric
  • You stumble head first as if you coming out of your moms vagina
  • Coroners comfort your mama
  • My gun trigger clap, your head smoking like my marijuana
  • Tell me boy when did you hear your sister call me papa
  • Cause ima different breed
  • My winning statistics are guaranteed
  • I'm punch after punch, knock you out whatch my creed
  • Sniff out your bullshit, I'm the sexiest breed
  • I'll cut you down then smoke you, you piece of weed.
  • Go cry to mommy cause you just got bullied.


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  • It's the Lyrical Monster, it is my honour to conquer,
  • And bet this, I'm a mothafucking monster, I'm darker in my demonized thoughts, spitting lyrics and extremely complicated metaphors, that'll leave you blood rushing on the floor, I go Hardcore,
  • Forevermore I will be here and nevermore will the haters be hardcore please no more,
  • The world around me, more and more blurred, I feel shattered, I feel like my rappin genes are expected standard, People think Tj fire, has he ever mastered, no, every time he went against me he got battered, his whole shitty career got drained, he couldn't mantain the agonizing pain, that I had left to venom, eject it out like semen, but he's vegetarian, he could turn into a mutant, and dyslexia would finally show an improvement, he would learn how to read like a average human, which is technically fluent, your not considered as an intelligent student,
  • Student at a broken down school, fucking fags need a tuneup, and a tip,
  • hip hop's tip top gentlemen demomen,
  • It's time for a bloody foot you little rabbit, impersonating the definition of ratchet!

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