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GK-Trill won this battle!


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Battle on June 2 2019


  • I'm armed and ready, you ain't got a clue,
  • What you're dealing with, you're just too new,
  • You're young and inexperienced, who knew?
  • I've got a full metal jacket and I'm ready for war.
  • Battle tested and a threat for sure.
  • I'm not a criminal, but I'm criminal-minded,
  • Ready to take you out faster than your rhyme did.
  • You're rhyme is weak any day of the week.
  • It's just so tired, puts your one fan to sleep.
  • You're a family geek, or better yet a heap,
  • Of bullsh*t, it's too explicit to speak...
  • When you read the words I've wrote, your mind gets boggled,
  • You can't see straight, so you you try to put on your goggles.
  • I'm not done yet, nope, I think you are really distracted.
  • Trying to reconfigure your rhyme, to be just like mine.
  • But that ain't gonna happen, I'm one of a kind...
  • I've got my full metal jacket and my time is up.
  • You need more lines to win and I don't give a fuck!


  • I'm a legend standing strong like the Tower of Babel
  • I'll make you swallow your pride then some heroin gram capsules
  • Dog I will snap you in half like like grams gram crackers
  • That shit your spitting looks good but its softer than sand castles
  • Show some skill?, bitch I can kill you with both arm shackled
  • Running into to me is like an illegal forearm tackle
  • I bet you thought you was gonna catch one of the user cattle
  • Seen it was trill bet you got rattled trying to pad your stats from the sideline
  • Really your to weak to even trip one of my land mines
  • So I'ma beat your face in with the war torn hands of mine
  • Real killers love to revisit past crimes that's why Im holding the sands of time
  • While Furybeats his meat as his only past time this shit might need to go on night line
  • Ima nightmare on elm Street versus revenge of the nerds I'm the shit your just the corn in the turd
  • Murdered from the curb by my quick words you Brought your own body crashing into an iceberg
  • I strike when I get the urge everyday and night I'm living like the purge
  • Energy surge like ibaka off the bench with the chopped that'll knock the star of the roster
  • Your probably the only white boy who wouldn't get hot with assistance from the doctor
  • Go back to being a scholar I'm watching Serbian film unbothered
  • Malcolm x is my scholar big dog ripped off the collar this is off the dome like flat Earth
  • Bringing the pain like a bad nurse running outta time I'ma stop I'm trying to catch this battle first
  • So you better Bring your best attack because
  • I've been through everything in these battles
  • And never taken a step back
  • Order No.227 is the combat pack
  • and Your still a pussy like a tomboy strapped
  • You sent it I responded right back no edits
  • Give me my credit I'm your father accept it

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