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From the Greek. Dear Egyptian

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  • witches, warriors kings and all the in-between
  • we starting off slow and only progressing
  • no stressin, but the pressure is healthy
  • help me help you, you doing too much testing
  • the best thing i can come up with in this setting
  • is to come with better rhyme schemes than this ending
  • infatuated by the craft of new skills in the conversation
  • if you're complaining about bills, somethings wrong with your nation
  • or is it you?
  • do you have the push to come through?
  • is your only quality a top verse and tight crew?
  • how you expect people to respect you if you don't continue without blaming the issues
  • i choose the best balance in my economy before buying the new shoes
  • abuse your privilege to construe peoples views
  • confuse yourself into thinking you're not the same as those on the news
  • you need to improve
  • take a page out our groove
  • my family pulled their own weight on the move
  • remove that juice out of your booth and watch how we approve
  • what proof you got to light up a fuse?
  • and if you're middle-class acting like attacking
  • your type is the one they keep subtracting
  • to create a division with your blasting
  • it's not the governments fault you've resorted to shelfs to start stacking
  • and your inspiration are the videos of those who's racks keep stacking
  • that's a backwards blackout
  • if you're a true human, you don't let your black out
  • with the mack out
  • you learnt your lessons yet you never preach
  • say your hail mary and you're back to repeat
  • consistency is something you don't learn on the streets
  • full awareness on the outside and a troubled sleep
  • yeah i've been looking deep in the lifestyle you weep
  • not obsessed, but curious how you never sow what you reap
  • a brothers keeper keeping the heater hidden from the heat
  • a unique lifestyle always keep you on your feet
  • i stay seated with the elite
  • you want the opinion of one of us, well here's your treat
  • i haven't taken an oath of secrecy, not yet, at least
  • so you can enjoy an intellect conversation now that i still have free speech
  • and not pulling strings behind the scene with my outreach
  • real recognize real, we can't stand imposters
  • middle-classified playing mobsters & your leaders playing puppets to your country's fathers
  • i got love for my african brothers
  • our roots run way back when you were building pyramids and we were brainstorming at the akropolis corners
  • we both turned to monsters as the millenias came to be
  • but we mustn't forget where our modern world was born originally
  • religion based on your spiritual wisdom and a cultivated mind of our rational rhythm
  • you can hear it in my lyricism
  • we all live under the same system...


  • Dear gay ass Greek, with all disrespect you need shut the fuck up,
  • Quit talkin' bad bout the Pharaoh before you get stuck the fuck up,
  • Stupid fuckin' homos always got something to say,
  • Don't hit on me cause I don't swing that way,
  • You talk with the same hole you take penis in,
  • Don't come at me wrong or this shotel will slice you into pieces man,
  • We built fucking pyramids in the name of our gods,
  • Those same gods helped us keep away from you frauds,
  • On Ra, and Anubis, I will put swords in your hubris,
  • You guys love to stay glued, but us Egyptians keep it movin',
  • We workhorses, y'all just fuck horses, turn your whole army into corpses,
  • Alexander wasn't great, Cleopatra was just a whore, need I say anymore?
  • The whole "invasion" y'all did was so wack, that it brought the old Pharaoh back,
  • So keep talkin' on my nation, and I'ma get very hasty, you don't want to make me angry,
  • Cause I got people waitin' for the cue, to screw you, and your whole kingdom up,
  • So take your stupid cup, and take your sword, make a cut and pour the wine,
  • Straight into the slit, cause WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR SHIT.
  • Treat us with the respect that we deserve, or you can get your neck cut off from the shotel's curve.

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