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  • Cast myself wit an elixir of pen and paper
  • Smashed down my lyrics brainstormed this parallel lines
  • Pasteurize this parasites and bend them like crosswords
  • Fantasize them like it was life size dissect their rhymes
  • Huff it up faster and hatch in my cauldron and open up
  • cause I'm on core with the apparatus when out to optimums
  • but I gotta keep it anonymous break it down with
  • dynamics like hip hop sound must be glorious
  • dismantled the altar gonna bring the chrome of virus
  • Let them roam my cerebellum and stick my digits
  • to this electronic split like principles reincarnate
  • my demons sketch the pentagram into tone
  • copy paste none raise their bars but raises
  • the brows of rumors coming out this fouls
  • open snout gonna cord a twine between your teeth
  • that will be your memorable moments for copy and cheat


  • Let me start by saying this.
  • did you write that with a broken pen.
  • I really think yousmeared your ink again.
  • Didn't say a thing about rapping like Eminem
  • With all that yappin
  • that your mumblin
  • fumblin
  • did you forget
  • to look up the words again.
  • I really GivE ya crEdit though
  • .I just hope I don't get in troubleZ
  • jUst for talking to a ten year old..
  • And syllables
  • yeah I think I got 2 of those.
  • Can Probably sell a bowl....
  • but I'm takin yours.
  • they're in my coat
  • I'm gonna show up in with everything you wrote
  • and shove it down your fin throat poet...... [quote unquote.
  • And what's this sht
  • talking bout fake raps?
  • and stealing scripts
  • of written document bit?.
  • Do you really think I stole this
  • diss just to piss
  • everyone off and get blacklisted.
  • That's twisted
  • you missed the bigger picture.
  • hey do you got a bigger sister.
  • If so send a picture.
  • I'll split it witcha...
  • Betcha That one hit ya.
  • It's way past your bed time if ya
  • sleeping with your sister
  • Make sure ya kiss her
  • And tell her that I miss her......
  • Well it's been nice to diss ya.
  • you better get some sleep mista.
  • Since ya
  • went up against Geezup
  • and flipped ya..
  • like a tornado in a blizzaaadof twista.
  • It'll getcha
  • Get the picture.

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