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Battle on June 8 2019


  • Wait for bait
  • Its my time hitting these states keeping it in the know limits kind
  • of high rates way to late to forsake cause your fate has already
  • met the gate keeper which in fact is exactly why i sedate my
  • victims keeping me completely irate keep liget shit separate
  • hitting hinting hunting
  • hitting hinting hunting
  • never the one fronting just more like confronting cause am just
  • way to stunning continue shuffling these other opponents into
  • complete dust again
  • wannabe ken dolls so called man can i get an amen cause
  • neither ones a ten just continue swiftly throwing them into a
  • den thats just another sin hitting them with the most daring shit
  • again either way am the one on the winning team without having an appeal
  • thats the idealist realist seal to steal this deal might seem a little
  • to surreal
  • exact appeal
  • making this sequel so unique thats the exact fact never forget
  • that just take a seat and listen to this music cause am never
  • ever been the only one to get tossed back cause investing is my
  • admiration with out basically lacking imagination
  • just getting the heat is my complete set of motivation
  • either way i know is this i stay fighting without backing down
  • thats my whole inspiration just keeping maintaining complete
  • aspiration never losing control completing my situation for the
  • best of my knowledge proof is exactly what i maintain my whole
  • out look is what you see is what you get with out doubt thats
  • what am all about stay true to who you our eithier way you got
  • you and let these haters hate cause am the one coming off top
  • continue making this music cause am never going to fail
  • if anything am growing to make it happen regardless love me
  • or hate me but either way at the end of the day am me
  • and sorry to say this but your you


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  • I've emerged from my grave,
  • Be prepared for hurricanes,
  • Destructive with the flow spitting hurricanes and earthquakes, darting colossal blades at lethal-injecting snakes, it begins to instantly hallucinate, then falls to it's fate
  • I hope you appreciated how it feels to be humiliated, Your my next patient, and I'm motivated to create a epidemic non-pathetic diss, the amount of intelligence in an evidence, would be used for a quote from a president,
  • president president sounds so irrelevant
  • Learning Periodic and Elements, testing out these experiments,
  • Acknowledging French Civilization Settlements,
  • Learnt how to create an elephant to transform into a nuclear Bomb, I'll measure you for the tomb, but I shouldn't consume political moves,
  • Moves be major with unexplainable behavior, this shit is danger it can have high possibilities of affecting nature, and the Past and The Later,
  • God is the Creator
  • Let him do what is Major even its a failure, at least we are rejecting Danger!

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