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  • Dude, we made a fucking song together and some shit.
  • Starting fucking beef with me nigga, meant you'd get hit.
  • Say I suck at rapping, what a fucking hypocrite.
  • Fucking dog, I own you fucking bitch, now fucking sit.
  • Bart Simpson ain't a good fucking alley to damn go.
  • Bart n beat you Simply, son. What are you, fucking slow?
  • I'll croak this deadass like a frog, eat him like a crow.
  • Get Homer to strangle your ass right out of the show.
  • Flow in me nigga, head to my mother-fucking toes.
  • Bars live in me, in this nigga they don't I suppose.
  • Shoot your gang, line em up on a wall in fucking rows.
  • End his career here, this nigga never ever grows.
  • You have under mother-fucking 50 reputation.
  • Set your bitch ass up for a damn assassination
  • No need to lie, this is fact not exaggeration.
  • Off your small fucking ass it's money I be makin'.
  • Calling me out nigga, must've been fucking mistaken.
  • Saying lies on my profile for what? More damn bacon?
  • After this bitch is over, it's you I be rakin'.
  • Bake you like Pasta, Rasta here like we Jamaican.
  • Shoot you up, gonna take more shots than photographers.
  • Your bars? I need microscope going through binoculars.
  • Can't see that shit, zoom the fuck up on your monitors.
  • Decapitate your ass, I'll call you Holofernes.
  • Don't worry bitch, I won't ger caught with fucking murder.
  • Cut you out the case, shave your ass like a damn barber.
  • Nuke your career like the pier of Pearl fucking Harbor.
  • Think I'm bad nigga? Shit can get way fucking harder.
  • Call this your end, nigga.


  • Funny how you even call yourself a rapper.
  • Tøp nigga spent too much time at Tappers.
  • Your weeaboo ass best be a fapper.
  • Virgin, go back to watching anime on a tractor.
  • Bet your a 7 year old kid learning rhymes.
  • This nigga a waste of my time.
  • He's committing viable crimes.
  • Rape another bitch and just pay off the fine.
  • Dude bet he can't even read cat in the hat.
  • I'm up here with the best stats.
  • Rapping my my game, I'm the king.
  • Come at me when you get a wing.
  • Hang your ass right off a string.
  • I've got moolah, call me Bling Bling.
  • Johnny Test your ass, and you still fail.
  • Vegan, you best be eating kale.
  • All ur bars are hella stale.
  • Tie you to train tracks and then ride the rail.
  • Kick you out the game like a pail.
  • Fuck your bitch harder than you could.
  • Your hairline lookin like McDonald's, as it should.
  • I'd roast you, I really would.
  • Too late, cause your flamed, I'm from the hood.
  • Light some weed and blow the smoke right in your face.
  • In this rap world your a disgrace.
  • Tøp nigga think he's that cool.
  • Nah nigga you a fool.
  • Go home retard and drool.
  • Tie a rope and hang you off a stool.
  • (Fatality!)

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