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  • Got your mallets and axe, pallets of trashed, walk all over me, I'ma landmine you, blast.
  • Say your screaming the truth, but your face is blue, losing your breath and your conciousness too, so much for value, your morals mistuned.
  • I see they got the girls twerking cuz it dumbs em down, kids trying drugs cuz the parents ain't around, most get it from home or somewhere in town, introductions are a mother fuckers when it's so easy to bound.
  • They gaging, their own children damn it's saddening, they willing to sacrifice futures instead of going up to bat to swing, I'll tell you something.
  • Come near my kids I'ma burn your whole fucken village, I may be a saint but the Gods would accept my pilgrimage.
  • I'll be forgiven to hurt, leave facedown in the dirt, left for vultures in the dessert, cuz I'll go bezerk.
  • Most are becoming corrupt, you can focus on following Eminem or Trump, but fuck em all I'm more focused on putting these weirdos in my trunk.
  • To much manipulation and normalizing shit that literally changes our chemistry, come towards mine, I'ma unsolve you like a mystery, start with your kind then destroy you physically.
  • Our seeds and roots just like the planet, if ya can't maintain to nurture THEN DON'T FUCKEN PLANT IT! Cuz it's not fair they have to run before they taught how to stand it, I mean that in two ways, don't make me, make you, understand this.
  • Sick of seeing beautiful little kids being lured by horny chimpanzees who later toss em aside as it pleases their fancies, I'll kill every fucken one of you and all your fucking family, I don't give two shits if these bitches can't stand me, y'all ain't in the same game, strategic planning.
  • Silence is a guilty verdict, you dont want me at the trial, cuz I'll hang every body involved, hang em all down that 8 miles, all you'll see is dead folks swinging need to burn em in a pile.
  • You don't like it tough, wanna change shit, get some guts, stop sitting, ENABLING, you lazy knucks.
  • I can't even say what if it was your kid, so many quick to just not deal with shit, man I wish you'd have caught Sid's, I'm not concerned with y'all, these babies all deserve better than this, selfish people wanna give life, but can't even teach how to live.
  • Y'all better stand up cuz every fucker sitting, I'ma come at you fast and I fucken mean HARD hitting, battle me against this topic, oh fuck you, I'm winning, cuz when it comes to the future, my kids is just beginning.
  • This goes way beyond gender age or race, goes deeper rooted, consumes our phase, society has one chance to change it's page, new players arrived, strategically placed, a map of a maze to a different chase, cat caught the mouse, but the mice have been starving for days. Ya feel me?


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  • You have no idea,
  • What it's like to care,
  • It's just not fair,
  • To kill everywhere.
  • With the gun's rear,
  • It's just a matter of time,
  • I just hope for overtime.
  • You got me feeling hope,
  • Dangling by this rope,
  • Up above the globe,
  • (Ready to...
  • EXPLODE!!!) (x3)
  • The planes clear,
  • I look to the atmosphere,
  • We fought with fear.
  • With the future so near,
  • We give a silent cheer.

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