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Blade vs Vincent Valentine

Max of 64 lines


Maverick won this battle!


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  • Hook
  • Fucked your chick Lecrisha loved tha dick No Bullshit/
  • Yea Blade Diddit/
  • Crash the club killin shit throwin and swingin my name Ndizbish/
  • Yea Blade Did It/
  • I'm up in this bitch Wesley Snipes style right now/
  • I jus might shine my light down/
  • Daywalker nightstalker hybrid wight child/
  • All grown up and feared by the night crowd/
  • Say it Loud Yea Blade Diddit/
  • Dont call me monster its Mista Day Walker/
  • This emo fruit loop is a Jenova failed project/
  • I launched a franchise you jus one of your friends guys/
  • And I didnt even unlock your ass the last time/
  • I played and still killed Sephiroth so why the fuck is this guy/
  • Steppin to this guy is I losing my damn mind/
  • I slay you suckas you ain't nuthin take ole Bessie here son/
  • And cut that materia out ur stomach/
  • <sniff sniff> you reek of cat piss fangs and shit that's rich/
  • This platinum hair bitch ain't even a vampire say I'm lyin kid/
  • Do you know who daphuq I is, who you fuckin with/
  • Whistler you better tell em/
  • That's Blade MotherFucker/
  • Oh Yeaaaaa/ Recognize the shades ho, Black leather trench coat/
  • 2 holes bro yea that's where my swords go/
  • Silver tipped they blessed and shit/
  • Cut ya from ya appetite to yo asshole Ndizbish/
  • You got glocks and claws I got my name and balls/
  • Big ones oh and this heat on my drawes, Im above this brawd this bitch fraud/
  • Not a bloodsucker at all not a pet jus a goth/
  • Emo transgender bitch with a broken heart, oooo I soooooo scared Whistler break em off/
  • Whistler
  • B This weak cocksucker isn't even worth our time/
  • Fine come here gawd dammit I guess I can kill ya a few times/
  • Your the type of sumbitch you dont finish off/
  • You jus stomp the shit out of to clean your boots off/
  • You thought alot of your abilities but really ur a farce/
  • Not even relevant enough to be a supporting costar/
  • Ryan Renolds would play a better pussy dumb shit/
  • And his range as an actor is about as long as my dick/
  • Blade
  • Ok old timer that's enough/
  • Save me some of this marshmallow cotton top weak fuck/
  • Some nerd blogger blogged that u was a Turk dawg/
  • But got broke off by that dirty bitch Lacrissia and some doc/
  • Named HoJo oh no yo bro aye tho look at this picture yall/
  • You weak as fuck equipped with a muscle belt and materia of God/
  • I dont need my name to cut thru Vince/
  • Sent my stake down his throat since he look like a masculine chick/
  • What's the deal with the red Cardi Dress and enterourge aye/
  • You want gun play or sword play either way Blade slay all day/
  • In no way, place, form, or day will he be ok that's a firm nay kay bae/
  • You bro jus look like a fruit rolled up in a blue Volkswagen truck jumped out and butt fuck ya till ya knew wut for/
  • Put on mascara died your hair and dressed in drag and now sing cher for quarters/
  • Killin you would be a mercy that would hurt me I would rather make this nerd bleed use him as bait for real blood sukers to feed/
  • I'm The Fuckin B to the L to tha A D E, you jus anime homosexual wannabe Asian white boy version of me/
  • That's weak you fuckin creep <beep beep beep> awe snap hoe I gotta leave/
  • That was yo bitch Lacre Cre callin me she in need of Blades BD see ya weak ass on the flipside peace/


  • I heard you've been revamped for the cutting edge
  • Murdering vampires to avenge your mother's death;
  • Maternal mortality by the obstetrician, call it frostbitten above the temps –
  • Oh the ire of a vamp...
  • 'Cause a hunger-bit Dr. Frost sunk his venom and drunk his nectar fresh from that seductive neck
  • You'd become infected as the unborn specimen,
  • Then grew up undead with bad blood – contempt...
  • Half human and half bloodsucker blend, you're a little Dhampir/damp-here high-strung in sweat
  • I wonder when you come to expect the suspect you hold this grudge against
  • Just expunge the rest 'til none are left? It doesn't affect him nonetheless
  • How is that serving justice then?
  • I'm not a vampire though...
  • Whistler must've reckoned such a mess,
  • Why would you trust a friend's gut-sense out of assumption?
  • Yet I understand the befuddlement 'cause not only are my eyes colored red,
  • Hair's dyed – black's my choice
  • And my pallid corium shows nothing besides how much sun I get
  • What is next? Sorry to clown you boys, coming for me is a witch-hunt at best
  • I'm bizarre and I just dress like a punk 'cause I'm dark
  • And your name is Blade, if anything I'm using you as my own personal gain – to cut for self-harm
  • You've got fangs but you couldn't rap to save your life, that tongue isn't sharp
  • Then again... Your breath is so pungent, I barfed
  • What are you doing, suspiring your lungs up with farts?
  • Probably from those slugs filled with garlic
  • Of course, biting the bullet means doing something that's hard –
  • Killing me with a redundant arsenal.
  • Zip up your Kevlar, my Cerberus pistol represents the underworld gaurds
  • Firing three shots at once through my target, I'm just gettin' started
  • And even though you were published by Marvel, being left alive is your Final Fantasy
  • So fuck it, let's LARP
  • You think I'm worried that my life's at stake? Your name's Blade and it's honestly a little gay
  • If you're a synonym to the same weapon that's supposed to puncture a heart
  • Nothing will convince me to be your Valentine...
  • Man, you'd have a better chance at falling in love with James Charles
  • Only thing I've ever bitten was Thanos – see this gold glove up my arm?
  • Now tell me Eric Brooks, how does this Protomateria look?
  • This is the terror that puts adversarial crooks in the cemetery for good.
  • You dared me to push my limits and I don't care if I shouldn't
  • Watch this outrageous transformation change me into something extraordinary,
  • So try again, go ahead and impale me with wood
  • I'll make it a torch, save it for the candle-light vigil later
  • But not even prayer does you good.
  • Who's the real Buffy? I'm singing a dirge of Slayer:
  • "World painted blood, No sanctuary" the Hook
  • As I prepare for the culmination that results in me laughing –
  • Staring at the parenthood of you and Jamal Afari's bodies in blood
  • Wow you're really rollin' deep with the family,
  • Like father like son.
  • And like a vulture that's famished,
  • Dracula awaits with a straw and a cup.
  • Suwooping in like multiple bandits,
  • Witnessing the single drop of your blood.
  • Bitch, you stole Wolverine's jacket
  • I just pulled a mean fast one,
  • Not to mention my name Vincent is Latin for "The Conquering One."

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