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Purely disses

Max of 64 lines


DR_Rhymes won this battle!


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Battle on January 30 2018


  • Paging Dr rhymes hello anyone there
  • Well, guess his dead.
  • So this Dr wanna battle he doesn't know his place
  • Go back to clinic you've got drips to replace
  • This ain't a costume party so drop the act dr rhymes
  • I asked for a competition you're bringing in nursery rhymes
  • Three disses per bar I call that a hat trick, I'll leave ya cold and abandoned like you were in the artic
  • I'm working these lines like a workaholic, imma be punching you way high you'll feel like an alcoholic
  • I hang out with geniuses, real doctors and scholars U hang out with Patrick,SpongeBob and dullards
  • You think you flash, but ya bars don't break the sound barrier Fake ass speed rapping, doesn't make your bars any catchier Childish Gambino your hero, but his recent song went limbo You gonna be ending up in cloud zero, fac'n me amigo B/c I'm spawntaneous with third degree burn bar radius And blast your career into molecules, it'll be instantaneous
  • Leave you with body pains like the beating was premenstrual, the way you are coming I think you're wanting extras
  • I'll leave you covered in blood like it was virgin sex, I'll leave you my remnants cause even your girl is my ex
  • Look, me myself and I it's hard to defeat us
  • You abort an unborn child and still couldn't defetus
  • Like MKs sub zero I'll. Leave ya frozen like a sculpture And slowly peel away your skin, you can call it torture
  • Imma beat you so much you'll need second aid
  • Dissing you is like handing out free lemonade
  • I'm sorry but this is your fallout
  • I'm back in the scene so you have to ball out
  • Your name and lines remind me of dr suess
  • This battle is so unfair on your part it's like cupid vs Zeus
  • Cause this fake doctor has got nothing on me, everything about him is fake from his REP
  • To his line to his fake apple id
  • Like your dick your bars are ineffective
  • I won't sat you've lost so I'll leave it to the electives


  • I'll be rhyming with flexibility
  • rapping with dexterity
  • Who called the doctor with disses with posetivity
  • I'm gonna win you spontaneously
  • I'm gonna break you down simultaneously
  • With your reputation like that, don't try win me
  • You're disses are so weak it wont help to win me
  • All the disses you form make you regret
  • Your profile pic looks like a Halloween reject
  • Hope you're not asthmatic cause I'll see you in my dust
  • If user's see us both in action the Dr. They'll trust
  • I expected you to be ugly but not as that
  • You look like a crossbreed of a bulldog, buffalo and a rat
  • Doctors advice: You need a check up
  • Cause I'm sure your ugliness is not from your neck up
  • Watching me now my lines blow like grenades
  • Hope your ready for treatment cause I got my first-aid
  • Ok. I'm a rapper who's on another level
  • Your face is so ugly,satan called you the devil
  • See spawntanous u and rapping don't bond ,better disengage
  • I'm sure in your rap you'll talk about rampage
  • Your device is Symbian mine is IOS
  • Nuclear researchers regarded you as bio-mess
  • This isn't your first loss but I'll make it your worst
  • If this was a race you'll be in my dust
  • You can't rap you only win if you're lucky
  • I'll tear you up like thanksgiving turkey
  • You may think you're winning SPAWNTANEOUSLY you're losing
  • By the end of this battle the winner will be chosen
  • His name starts with a D and ends with an S
  • You don't need a biochemist to show you're a mess
  • This in't a diss :go change your profile pic
  • Cause it looks like a demon sucking a holy dick
  • You look like shit from the box of pandora
  • To write a diss man you have to ask Quora

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