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everything rhyming bro flow you know how it go

Max of 21 lines


Y-Doc won this battle!


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Battle on June 8 2019


  • hit a hoe like to hoe slow to roll bro got dough tho so i grow mo ghetto flow sour dough shallow snow


  • ill take a rope tie it round your throat
  • im losing hope for these mumble rappers
  • claiming they gun cappers
  • ive never heard worse
  • youd probaly do better in a hearse
  • i read your last verse
  • im embarrased for your parents
  • killing you is just an errand
  • i have your hair in hand dragging you to your death
  • i have to clean up your mess youll never be the best
  • i suggest you wear a vest fore smith and wesson come in
  • i condemn you to hell my home better lower your tone leave me alone
  • go get me a microphone i dont condone your behavior save your beef for
  • later when your actually good and dont act like your from hood and
  • misunderstood this isnt leatherface wonder how your momma taste
  • i will baste her like a turkey you cant get me away g im fucking crazy

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