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  • Verse-
  • I love murder i get off to the sight of blood
  • Climbing up Jacob's ladder kick you off now youre fucked
  • I self deprecate deconstruct then reconstruct
  • Let me evaluate this game they look at me like im nuckin futs
  • Or am i fucking nuts
  • Leave you with a dozen cuts let me tell you what this bitch doesnt want
  • He dont want me to strike back with left hooks like my last name was tyson
  • Enlighten your ass like acid then knock you out like lightning
  • Im fucking crazy ill cut your throat while im fucking smiling
  • Sluts want to die tonight im done with being polite
  • Politically incorrect ill smack you with anthrax and cyanide
  • Kill your god commit suicide you want death then bitch my crazy ass will provide
  • Leave your whole nation crucified
  • I dont believe in christ but against you i will testify in the name of the lord
  • I came from south lanc you came from the suburbs of york
  • Ill impale you with swords im a demon who needs to morph a new set of horns
  • Who wants a corpse of a newborn to feed on im crusading this game
  • Aim at your dame squeezing the trigger until nothing remains
  • Bitch i am so insane the way i spit has been deemed as inhumane
  • These rappers give me a migraine
  • Put me out of my misery put some lead in my brain
  • Sniffing cocaine now nothings the same
  • Now im killing myself im the incarnate of cobain


  • Nah man I really hate how these niggas be writing
  • Like mav will say some clean shit and it be exciting
  • "Trying to pull a fast one on the point-setta'? Pedal to the metal, peel off
  • And when the cap sic 'em, it's real hot"
  • That hit like a real shot, but then other niggas be like
  • I'ma super guardian on this planet, avengers movie
  • And I be like, damn you booty
  • Then ya'll be like "bruh that was fire"
  • And I be wanting to explain, but if you ain't already noticing the difference you fucked up in the brain
  • I guess now I feel like displaying that gap
  • All this shit these bums be saying when they yap
  • It ain't eloquent, that shit sloppy, and it's annoying
  • This the elephant, yo writing is garbage and it's boring
  • Now all writing is boring compared to most recordings
  • But these niggas will have that avengers movie bar and flip it all night and morning
  • Then they got the nerve to say IM repetitive with gun bars, cause Im fake shooting niggas
  • Ironic because all yo bars are about movies on cameras, that's literally fake shootings nigga
  • Or they talk about how they life hard, IF ALL YA'LL LIFE IS HARD IS THIS NOT THE NORM?
  • Don't you realize the rich is ONE PERCENT??? stop acting like you were the only person to ever be born
  • But since that bs is "relatable" ya'll wanna hype the shit
  • Until a knife get whipped, crazy how ya'll say I wouldn't touch the wings on a butterfly but thats what slice ya shit
  • But then ya'll be like "my knife got a mind of its own, stab you at school then at home"
  • And I be like, why are you personifying objects and how would they get from school to home
  • Ya'll niggas out here having imaginary friend contests and yo logic is gone
  • Swear to god, I hate that shit, if you finna BATTLE? then BATTLE dont bitch when you lose. If you finna DISS, then DISS. don't get it confused
  • I don't give a fuck how much you rhyme, bitch spit a bar, then ya'll spit a random punchline and think you're above par
  • No nigga, it's levels...the next time I get challenged by a bum like how I described?
  • Get shovels.

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