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  • Took you four days for a blind battle.
  • Shook you more ways, let your mind rattle.
  • Didn't even wanna respond to this false god.
  • Already a goner, that didn't take long.
  • Hope you're headstrong cuz you're Trapt now.
  • Rushed headlong into battle, you got smacked down.
  • Your penalty is death, that's a flag down.
  • Enmity, regret, that's all you have now.
  • Pathetic prick thinks he can test my patience.
  • I expected shit like this, you're only wasting time.
  • Hid your rhymes, I don't respect the insecure.
  • Instant cure, split your mind open, this giant's awoken.
  • You ain't defiant, what kinda God gets his spirits broken?
  • Wakanda, built like titanium, punches hitting harder than Vibranium.
  • Thirty shots hitting your cranium, leave you looking like grainy scum.
  • You lack wisdom, you're looking insanely dumb.
  • Another slain victim, I give a fuck less than Slim.
  • Vision was grim, I severed all four of his limbs.
  • Left him to swim, blood pours then fills to the brim.
  • Motherfuckin' mortician, my mission's dispeling fiction.
  • You intended to box but got flattened like televisions.
  • I admire his ambition, but he's in no position to win.
  • No competition, only God I fear is Christian.
  • You made a bad decision, I shoot with mad precision.
  • If only you had listened, things would've been different.
  • Arrogance convinced you to fuck with wrong one.
  • No comparison, got this locked down like a garrison.
  • I'm a natural born killer like Woody Harrelson.
  • You picked this fight, here's collateral damage.
  • Smear blood on the canvas like Vince Castiglia.
  • Send this prima donna into cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Dyspnea, this diva's out of breath, wishing for death.
  • I will confess spilling flesh helps with relieving stress.
  • Mate, I got you in check like we're playing Chess.
  • Make it rain bloodstains cuz I'm flaying necks.
  • I bring pain, split the veins of this shit stain.
  • Spill your brains, your new name is Cobain.
  • Born in the dark like Bane, tore your bones apart.
  • Don't need a scope, I got the iron sight.
  • Dynamite like my name's Napoleon.
  • Your style's out of season, dissing this demon without a reason.
  • That's treason, I'll defile yo bitch with my semen.
  • Lynched this fiend, he'll leave in a hearse.
  • I've been cursed to disperse words against the worthless.
  • Feeling murderous, I'll murder this bitch cuz you've done rap a disservice.
  • I can tell he's nervous, he must've already heard this verse.
  • Deleted our battle, but it's too late to reverse, you're only making it worse.
  • Conceited? Get paddled, you can't handle this cuz I dismantle shit.
  • I'm heated, took up this mantle to beat you with it.
  • Can't even hold a candle to me, I see through you like Randall.
  • Using you to set an example not fuck with me, I'm the king of this castle.
  • It's typical, my damage is critical, you're too fragile to manage.
  • Slice your head open like cabbage, I'll leave nothing left to salvage.
  • Earth is my turf and I shall allow no safe passage.
  • Can't strafe past this, I'm the menace from a dark abyss.
  • You're the one who started this, believe me when I say that you don't want no fucking part of this.
  • I hack masked activists like Anonymous, I'm ominous, this pit is bottomless.
  • You're wack and out of practice, challenging me was madness.
  • Consider this a warning to the masses, I'll kick everyone's asses.
  • The fact is three things are certain, my victory, death, and taxes.
  • Allow me to close the curtain on this burden.
  • It's been determined that Fang's tanked, I ain't referring to Shermans.
  • He should try another avenue, cuz this one isn't working.
  • Post Battle Verse 2: Jordeezy
  • I got no fear that I’ll appear as iconic/
  • Ya see how ironic this terrorized/
  • I be surviving through the toughest/
  • I be the realist lyricist tryna be the biggest/
  • This fist all iron like iron man it began/
  • I got big plans be big like big pun/
  • Nonetheless ya never run it up/
  • This cup got me feelin type fucked up/
  • The club got me wheezy I'm deezy/
  • I be like drizzy I be making records/
  • These awards looking hella gold/
  • This cold hearted world be bold/
  • I sold my life to the Illuminati/
  • I got the thottie hoe tryna be hoeing/
  • Smoking this cocaine got me going out of my mind/
  • Me and Lucius be ruthless left ya clueless/
  • Ya career fuckin useless cause we shut it down/
  • Lucius stealin that crown we making it our zone/
  • Ya tryna condone my life to become something ya want to be/
  • Nobody give a fuck bout ya sales I see it as a fail tryna stop me/
  • This money got me feelin like a powerhouse ya can’t hold me down/
  • I fear nobody that wanna gear up for an award but fuck ya poker face/
  • This mace got em melting like the global warming destroying the earth/

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