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No rules. Talk about stealing someone girl thats it.

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  • Eating out yo girl, sounding like a fucking slurpy
  • Sucking on her titties now tell that bitch to burp me
  • I don't play with these bitches
  • And don't got time for these hoes
  • Take her to my crib and
  • I got her out her clothes
  • Spreading out her legs
  • And I’m going for the goal
  • You were the goalie
  • But you couldn’t keeper
  • Listen busters, scarier when I finger fuck her
  • Spread her, pet her with her thighs sprawled
  • Yo sprawled out on the field and not moving
  • No kids, no ring heard she do your own thing
  • Harder than granite, hoes know I'm coming
  • Roses by the dozen, everyday I'm hustling
  • Thugs in their clothes, hustling with drugs to get love from the hoes
  • When all you gotta do is show em love and affection
  • I may be a girl, but I could rock yo girls whole world
  • Yep she's on X, I called that bitch speed burst
  • Oh, cause when you rich you are on top of the world
  • Uh, and how I wish I would've met you first
  • That’s a lie, i had a thirst and
  • of course I got her pussy first
  • Like hit it in the morning, yeah,
  • Yeah, I'm undeniable /
  • A criminal grind mean hustle
  • Got to the end of the tunnel
  • And let me tell you its a rumble in the jungle
  • I’m the lion I’m the king
  • Bitch you better understand tp never come for me


  • You shouldn't have done this,
  • challenge anyone you thought,
  • Don't need to talk,
  • But your ass just failed the fucking test,
  • You can't walk the walk,
  • My rhymes are twice as tight,
  • every bar catching you out,
  • You're clapped,
  • and I'm the one she told you not to think about,
  • But she sneaking out,
  • When you're out,
  • or asking me to come around,
  • There's a reason she never be touching your ass when I'm around,
  • It's here, it's coming out,
  • Understand you've been a clown,
  • I'm the one that she been texting tell you to trust her now,
  • Your best friend,
  • thought that shit could never end,
  • well it turns out that your girlfriend got good pussy, so I can't pretend,
  • so we not fucking, but she still with you,
  • That shits gotta hurt, she's see through,
  • and now you're connecting the dots that she been acting up,
  • she was just waiting for me 'cause your dick is not enough,

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