Battles  Motto vs Autophobia


Battle i had for someone. Took his name out. Written throwaway

Max of 30 lines


Motto won this battle!


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  • You already lost half yo battles, let me tip the scale
  • Watch the numbers fall like the plane was told to bail
  • I got a grudge against yo bars, like the pain you hold in jail
  • I couldn't feel yo shit if you wrote in braille
  • I'll start a Crusade for brodie, his life for the Holy Grail
  • You suck but act big how you bold AND frail
  • You so narcissistic, yo face break mirrors like you gotta broken wail
  • I stole a Gods weapon, this the Golden Flail
  • Take Gods position bitch I'm throwing Hail
  • Put up a torn tapestry of your life, I'll uphold the veil
  • Break his cane, set up the old to fail
  • You'll live in these flames bitch you gone mold to hell
  • Get used to it, you'll grow mold in cells
  • Had him by the hands over a cliff but mine slipped like I was rolling jell
  • Take a body part wit me, this ain't show and tell
  • You'll need an I.V. just to be in the same League of living, that's how it goes in Yale
  • I've bodied more people than you've talked to on here, yea I boast it well
  • You better harden before you're cracked open like a roasted shell
  • I invite battle, in terms of wins? I done hosted gales
  • In comparison the way ya'll wrote is pale
  • I laid a hand on em and he died the way you choke a snail
  • They say I'm trash, I disagree but still promote the tale
  • I'm hopin' they'll get pushed forward like an open sail
  • I'm copin well, every battle a russian track meet I got dope for sale
  • I know the trail, I blazed a black mark on it but I'm no Chappelle


  • You never lose unless you bleed,
  • you should care for a friend in need,
  • I got my own motto,
  • Bitch get on your knees!
  • Don't you see,
  • We get to do so much,
  • Together,
  • I might sound crazy but i thought it was me and her forever,
  • Now time to crazy one more time,
  • bust a nut,
  • and a rhyme,
  • On this nasty ass guy,
  • but I know I'll keep trying,
  • If he pulls out a gun,
  • I best be dying,
  • But don't worry,
  • he won't do shit,
  • How do I know?
  • Like I said before,
  • my motto is quite simple,
  • Base your rap on their names,
  • and bust em' like A pimple,
  • When I'm done,
  • he'll be raising that gun to his temple,
  • Go on bitchm
  • I'd hate to see you crippled.
  • Go ahead and fall down,
  • Stupid bitch no good burial,
  • Your body gin' lay on the ground.

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