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Let's see which Greenson diss is better, no diss against each other

Max of 64 lines


Evelon won this battle!


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Battle on October 29 2019


  • "Nitro, can you please teach me about the death of Buzz-LightYear?"
  • "Here we Go!"
  • // Verse One
  • Now once upon a time not long ago, there was a rapper who can't scan intelligence,
  • "Shit, no dots anywhere!" he finally knew he's irrelevant!
  • Meanwhile me and Worm and killing tracks, I never thought Gee- Greenson? Is still with raps
  • Suddenly Greenson burst in the battlefield grabbing a pistol in his hand,
  • Worm and us took plungers, and plunged it in his ass,
  • Now Worm is mad as heck, "How dare you diss my man!"
  • So the silly little geenson dropped a diss,
  • Then replaced his rhymes with non-chocolate
  • So we went back just to see his war waging notices,
  • "Pussies you ain't anything, you're all novices!"
  • Geenson, I don't even have to diss you,
  • Geenson what is your issue?
  • // Verse Two
  • So I called everyone to meet up at his nest
  • Meanwhile Gee made a crazy-ass diss mess
  • We hit him twice on the back, stole the mic for the raps, and no shit left,
  • uh, Gee show us your talents! You got.. nothing to show?
  • Like the old Nazi! But we have at least something to know,
  • Hey! Wait! There's something left!
  • It's his pedophile declaration text? What a fucking mess,
  • Meanwhile his clones kept relying on scanners, even there's nothing to scan
  • We should've knew he died by playing fire or fucking with raps
  • Meanwhile we're sending spies to check him,
  • His scene is wack, and someone said he's also eating mags
  • Suddenly someone got an MK11 but forgot to reload it,
  • We left with 2 Deexism C4s to lit the fuse, his whole base exploded,
  • Suddenly Geenson went in with his helmet cocked in,
  • How does he even know we're here? He's stalking?
  • Suddenly he blasted a series of typos, seems like that's why he raps like hell with friends
  • We just said "Typos" and he struggled to get inside his crap turtle shell again!


  • Mr. “Geenson”, sorry that we dissed you,
  • You seem mad as hell, it seems that you’re pissed too.
  • You’re the perfect representation of someone with loose screws,
  • The only thing you’d kill is yourself, here’s a tight noose.
  • Your bars are automatic? What? They shoot rubber bullets?
  • Shoot me bitch, grab the trigger and pull it.
  • Right hook or some shit, you can't even throw a punchline,
  • Get on my level bitch, I bet you can't even touch mine.
  • If you like to edit shit a lot, edit your personality,
  • This fucking punk ass little pussy has no originality.
  • If you want exposure, jump off a building and make a hit,
  • Because lately everything you're putting out's full of shit.
  • You dissed the whole group because you liked group activities.
  • Tried to get our attention at the cost of your dignity.
  • "Gel is an emo bitch!" You jack off to the same crap.
  • "Evelon uses sex toys." You're pretty experienced at that.
  • "Storm's uncle is a pedophile, and you all too!"
  • Bitch, 69's jail cell has more bars than you.
  • "Virtuallty, Learn how to spell virtuality!"
  • You misspelled your own name, how's that for irony?
  • "Storm will give birth to a son and then rape his kid!"
  • You either didn't listen to class or had dicks in your eye lids.
  • You can't even flow, that's how fucking dense you are.
  • Light bending around you, you're the opposite of a star.
  • Hold up bitch, I'm not done,
  • G.W.G's skill equivalent is less than fucking one.
  • Your raps lack mass, but they're fucking deadweight,
  • Less content in your rap if it's compared with deep space.
  • How about quit rapping and just make shitty edits,
  • Make some half assed commissions and shit post on Reddit.
  • You think so highly of yourself, self proclaimed artist,
  • Posting diss tracks and thinking He's about to win this,
  • Supported by friends, unstable and lacking fitness,
  • But to be honest his IQ was his dick in inches.

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