Battles  Psychotic807 vs Kurt_skrt25


16 bars vs 16 bars Of the funniest shit u can come up with lol

Max of 18 lines


Kurt_skrt25 won this battle!


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  • Never sign dat dotted line ops thot that thot was mine
  • never on time hopscotch when i cross the line
  • with a boddle of moonshine 1 2 maybe 9
  • heads spinning like a fuckin turbine shh oficer im fine
  • im okay ima drive adderal had about 5
  • waiting for more to arrive can't u feel this vibe
  • when i hit overdrive an nosedive
  • off this bridge jus to see if we would survive whoo damn i feel alive
  • skit so No mine split tho let me know if u find it
  • think ur standing behind it look dumbshit
  • wait no don't punch it ur gunna break it
  • flat lining hes not gunna make it omg his minds vay gent
  • insane scary insane clearly
  • stay from near me don't act like u can't hear me
  • its clear to see its clear to me
  • there appears to be an error in me


  • I don't want thots. Yeah, I just wanna rap. Slap
  • You in the face, get off of me ok. Snap.
  • Like Thanos, win this battle, so easily.
  • Ima cross the finish line cuz you don't read, I see.
  • Look at your grammer man.
  • Officer has 2 f's.
  • You need a better plan.
  • Vacant is spelled like this, yes.
  • Apparently I'm flat lining.
  • More like rap rhyming.
  • Come over and I'll point you to nearest exit sighting.
  • Your diss was funny but not that entertaining.
  • Next time you should come with better training.
  • Oh so you're psychotic... well.
  • Everyone can tell you didn't murder me well.

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