Battles  BXile vs DJ_Devil-88


go all out!

Max of 24 lines


BXile won this battle!


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  • You think you can rap more bars than my reputation?
  • death you facing, while I kill this DJ record playin
  • who sent me? Satan, told me that ya souls forsaken,
  • BXile-AKA-THEGRIMM oh wait that’s taken,
  • why you shaking? I keep a snake in my boot, no bootleggin
  • test my patience, ill crack ya egg and yes ya bae can (bacon)
  • get involved, ill solve that bitch like math equations
  • you a mob boss? Al(i’ll) Cap one mobster through his tax evasions
  • no escaping..look in the mirror, thats who you should be blaming
  • you’re so blatant, ya challenge screams attention craving,
  • this a bloodbath, lemme tell you how im money saving
  • i don’t pay for water cause i have your blood to bathe in
  • face to pavement, forehead and ya chin adjacent,
  • bury you beneath you’re own quote…understatement
  • why you hating? i could see I’ve caused frustration,
  • this one more body for the cemetery…augmentation,
  • no relating, to my pain accumulated,
  • ill send Croc to off ya head and give him paint as payment
  • fuckboy save it, pussy is my constant fragrant,
  • ya moms mouth is the crown to my dicks coronation,
  • i didn’t use a condom if thats any consolation,
  • only needed one rhyme to make you a patient, ya done for, Ancient,
  • BDSM? ya bitch is enslaved till I Emancipate her Proclimation
  • you had a nice run, show off but this your cancellation ….


  • i got 3 pounds of hash in the stash pimped ya mom
  • smoked a cocaine blunt now im calm
  • ill put ya in ya tombs hmu im selling shrooms. in a car chase hid some
  • xannys in your bitches pantys. im insane but i still maintain
  • if i contain some cocaine fuck pain i still sustain.
  • fuckas cant explain how ive slain lame.
  • finna hijack a cop car. no im not a motherfuckin pop star hip
  • hop straight from the underground awake the whole town with
  • my surround sound. fuck with me murder is the case
  • my bass shakes the ground like earthquakes.
  • ive got biggie smalls crown.
  • i bring you the sound of fact your bitches ass is round and fat. thats why
  • i hit it and quit it. dont fuck with me or the morgue you will be admitted.
  • melt your face with the acidic flow i just spitted. ill make you dig
  • your own grave lyrically with my flow so i know that you will fit it.
  • im the realest mothafucka here admit it.

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