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Only rap about deep heart felt things

Max of 26 lines


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  • I have depression
  • Yes this is my confession
  • I have to question
  • How I got to these sessions
  • I feel like these demons are taking possession
  • Of my facial expressions
  • Of all my progressions
  • Now I’m just sittin with medical professions
  • As they feed me with medicines
  • Evidence of my skeletons
  • And all they say is they are bad
  • We’ll just add to the fad
  • That if you are on medication
  • There’s already confirmation
  • That you’re a deformation
  • And that you’re designation
  • Will be right in isolation
  • It’s funny how they don’t give you motivation
  • They just keep feeding you observations
  • But really they need to take in consideration
  • A evaluation
  • We are not all the same in generalization


  • You married to the game for the insurance money
  • Used to survive by committin murder
  • Funny how quick it all changed how quick you forgotten
  • The town you came from after winnin the lottery
  • Packed up ya new bags and left the city of ya residence
  • You went from food stamps to havin dinner with the president
  • But even though you never gotta worry bout the rental check
  • A part of you is missin and you feelin kinda hesitant
  • Advancin up a level then ya bars are on a record next
  • Buried ya soul and then you marked it with the letter X
  • You gainin the momentum yes ya foot is on the pedal
  • Steppin forward into the depths of fabricated sentences
  • All for the gold like the pioneers who headed west
  • Wear a mask you good to go be yourself you better jet
  • Fightin for ya dignity the battle gonna be neck and neck
  • Sell ya soul to get a check and pass away to get respect
  • In retrospect I see why somebody would do it
  • Tryna pay the bills make some money through music
  • Recordin in a basement with fucked up acoustics
  • Go through line after line and call it substance abusin
  • Dignity removal through sick twisted lobotomy
  • That stems from the occurrence of winnin the lottery
  • It was quite a disaster losin sight of what mattered
  • With the drive we were after...the life of a rapper

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