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I’m new to this battling thing so I’ll probably lose.

Max of 64 lines


NorStar won this battle!


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  • I am the truth like Sojourner,
  • I ripped out excalibur when the sword was stuck
  • Right now I stay unknown except for the sporadic murmur,
  • But after this I’ll leave you the Abandoned Product.
  • Chained up like Prometheus, came back with a thesis
  • That the one thing I can guarantee is if you spoke your life you’d be speechless.
  • So, I’ll be honest I don’t have one of the tightest flows on the planet,
  • But I’m righteous and systematic,
  • A lyric that’s granted,
  • A ballistic, twisted, classic,
  • An upcoming threat that’ll be tragic!


  • It's nice to believe that your lyrics have some deep meaning/
  • But if you think that's meaning defeating me you dreaming/
  • I'm over beaming like aye baby see him alright I'm hungry let's eat him/
  • You were defeated the moment you let me see it/
  • Like bet he let me read it, I dont know if u stupid or jus conceded/
  • Maybe you was weeded and didnt think blind mode was needed/
  • Or jus maybe you knew wit me it didnt really matter the way you seen it/
  • You knew no matter what you wrote I was gon beat it/
  • But your in luck you simple fuck because guess what/
  • NorStar is a rapper and dont really like readin/
  • And even though I seen it and did read it/
  • I said fuck it because I dont need it/
  • He jus practicing receiving an ass whoopin fuckin with me/
  • Fuck this Joker I smash Pudding with a brass lookin wooden table footin/
  • Read your comment like this fool want it, gloatin like you already won it/
  • Off that finger vomit this shootin star flaunting borrowed light over a sonnet/
  • C'mon man God damn gimme a lil credit do u know who daphuq I am/
  • If written battles is new age thumb wrestling well this is a Tombstone after a body slam/
  • Fuckin rookie gimme my cookie back go play with Snookie/
  • Cause if I smush smush yo ass you gon be talkin like a wookie/
  • Walking like a zombie face saggin and droolin/
  • I'm a nusience to fools wit grand visions of ruling tha battle boards with no schoolin/
  • And fool you tardy as fuck so I'm gon beat your ass with a ruler/
  • And bro that's me meaning you get beat with whole tree/
  • Fuckin cocky lil shit, wait for the votes and let's see/

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