Battles  TooSense vs Maverick


Writen battle 3 rounds Quick 16 to get 1st round popping

Max of 18 lines


Maverick won this battle!


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Battle on June 23 2019 and Battle on December 16 2019


  • If you ask me you will never be conceived as a Attribute, an when this battles through you can Attribute Too..
  • I been watching you, This fool Coordinates his efforts, Mass messaging and begging for votes, I got your number
  • Coordinates calculate my postion,Make sure these Barzz hit home
  • Someone keep up with this Diss Count!
  • How the fuck you gonna Discount my pen?
  • With your Discounted delivery, Nobody buying your bullshit bro
  • Sense Project a dark shadow on your big word babble
  • You make me sick when you Project an hurl a mouth full
  • Your Bars a garbage, Refuse a fucking waste, You should of Refused this battle, Bone Appetite hows this L taste
  • Put down your Dictionary dick and picl a new hobby
  • No need for you to Proceed any further..stop it..your no profit like me, and will never see any Proceeds
  • You dont Entrance nobody, so why in the fuck would anybody pau an Entrance fee
  • Someone tell this Generic Fag...
  • It's hard to listen to his writtens and to please pick up a Mic and Produce
  • Bet he wont cause this fruit would Arti_choke quick,Thats why he hand picks his battles like Produce
  • This fucking Homo dont know the half, Sense got um shook, With these Homographs
  • You want smoke wit Too Sense, Your Insense when Im Insensed, Killing your Minute word game in a Minute
  • Now thats Gone in 60 Seconds


  • Finally some real comp. – and I mean that for you because being great is something you're still not
  • Trying to pull a fast one on the point-setta'? Pedal to the metal, peel off
  • And when the cap sic 'em, it's real hot
  • The steal knot – taking dual-wielded shots, that's a double negative so call this a piece bond
  • The fact that he's agitated just proves, my stance, and next round will be his last chance for it too
  • Senseless – He put down 16 in a quarter of an hour for me and he wants best out of 3 but I'm not expecting him to half-ass it times two
  • Grandpa can't do word-flips no more or he might get sore with his back cracked into two
  • Snap outta' that mood, I've been trying to arrange this sad man in a few-
  • Neural homes, 'cause under his dad hat is a smooth, bald-headed granddad in a new-
  • Era, who cares if you're a vet, respect – I pass back when it's due, but your RapPad is old news
  • Man's had 'em some luminous matches but his ink dwindling like his bad tats fading hue
  • He's full-figured with a pulled finger – here I am strapped in a hazmat suit and a gas mask for his repute
  • Now flashback to my debut, gave Isak a run for his money and T saw the cash bag, "Damn, Mav is a brute."
  • Ever since, I've been in my bag – and the only brand Maverick has brewed,
  • Is something you long for.
  • You're no longer Top 4 – while your notebook is sitting there under dust, mine is bearing sons with a dictionary – making love
  • So there's no comparing us, we're Top Tier but I even told Hank "It's better to ware than to rust."

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