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Battle on August 25 2019


  • i'll beat your head with nun chucks for fun brah, you ain't in my league to think you can beat me, please! this is a dick verse a pee pee, see me I got rep for real, I easily defeat these Mc's, this Mario versus Luigi, Guile versus Zangief
  • i'm Sang Sung to you player ones, come chump! I'll take over the whole four one and that's his avenue plus mines too, so you know its true, who trill this, trill that? Who only real when he ain't around real cats, Nasty Nook just minutes from you
  • so if it gets tempting it will get lit like Scorpion's finishing move, I pitty this fool for not joining animal cruel, check the news, baboons in your backyard, act hard and get a cracked jaw, watch how I exposed your flaws, you soft!
  • Storm gave you a lost and Maverick beat you, Kaze and Mugz too, Doc knocked you out the box, so how are you top ten? You wouldn't beat me in your afterlife, i'll beat this bastard twice, this Hermaphrodite ain't as half as nice,
  • he half the height, like a laughing sight, this Midget Mack couldn't ride piggy back to bring my Phillie's back, his city whack! its just a bunch of dread head skinny cats that ain't got no city broads but an outdoor mall that's full of flaws, like wholesale socks and drawls
  • i bet he came with his nicest rhymes, well times that by two to get as nice as mine, I mastered the rights, so after this Cassius fight will see who the king of the sunshine, after his relapse, he'll probably want a rematch or scrap
  • or act like it in a Coulter sack with his friends holding him back, you ain't a writer you just somebody trying to write fire, inspired by somebody in your line up and twenty miles away is where you can find him
  • i'm the King who put in more fights with rivals, I deserve the title and that's final, leave it alone before they can't find you and I decide to remind you of what my kind do, you wouldn't take over (Sarasota/Sara soda) if you was waiter
  • you a masturbator who break buds up on your moms kitchen table, writing your most exciting rhymes thinking you going to get signed to a label, having paid promoted battles with people that's doing you a favor
  • maybe it's a publicity stunt to get your name next to where his name is, but you were feeling yourself trying to get your name up, but you left Florida nameless one minute you triple M, the next minute you don't fuck with them
  • and now you bumped heads with the greatest, all them tempter tantrums, but you couldn't man up when they had them answers, you got a lower win rate because your pen game is Penn State, I checked your losses a very big portion was is in the top ten order,
  • you only joined triple M for the exposure, instead of the "group", you was more focus on your explosion, soaking the collaborations at the moment, but was never devoted to moving forward in motion, I'll crack your skull open,
  • you bout to get demoted for not knowing about your opponent, but your supposed to be the chosen? You reppin Florida all shady, the things you'll go through for you to get your name next to these babies, it amaze me
  • you tired and lazy, you should've just paid me I would've wrote the greatest verse/versus since Ali and Frazier, you'll catch it later! this going to make the paper, like the fight of the century, the writer for this fighter is going against,
  • a vocabulary level that's was made for a elementary, eventually i knew the evidence would be seen, this Wu Tang fan don't bang, but he all about the CREAM, got all types of dreams and scenes in his rhymes,
  • that he formatted in lies, but somehow he make the people smile, another lil Duval with a head the size of a cue ball who wouldn't do shit at all, he'll start to get the chills but he supposed to be trill, he wouldn't make a bill if he was Cosby's father
  • online posting pics like he a Rastafarian, that shit you smoking is why we got lost minorities, you a lost sorority throwing gangs signs to look cute on your Instagram for the most majority, you'll never be any type of Jordan to me
  • more like a Lebron Steph Curry or Kobe, check his folders, see if he can fold his flag like the military soldiers did over seas in Baghdad, i don't think he can hold his own ass in class with desert storm uniform on with a gas mask
  • in combat in a pit full of raging demons strapped up, like a roller coaster in hell, I vividly give you pictures of the psychotic deranged stories I explicitly tell, my metaphors is ahead yours times four to the third power
  • which now is about a thousand times faster than the minute your position is answered without a doubt i got a lot of mouth, I can talk my way in and out, you got to be kidding! If I ain't Jordan? He got to be Pippen, only difference is his nose is more denser
  • but he know's the difference between his no's and different, but he noticed a different or I assume he know's this minute, that's just a couple nose bars, if I give one more he'll end up in a place where they know's God
  • all them Michael punches don't mean nothing if later on they don't end up wanting a nose job, i'll bus his face open like a pinata with a crowbar, I don't know ya'll! that last kick will be as real as O dogs
  • i'm a menace to society waiting to start something off a phone call, this supposed to be about writing but he is going to have a lot of gun talk and most of ya'll going to like it, I'm tired of all ya'll hyping this
  • well lets see if your fighter can talk about something else besides the guns and drugs he buying, talking bout he going to give me the iron, stop lying! I'll be on your block like a lineman, you ain't got to used that gangster content to define it
  • that's how i know behind it your mindless, bringing a gun to a battle because you ran out of words to rhyme with, now it's time spent and your mind flip, but you specifically think you something special for the spectators
  • but I expect haters to switch up like make up, I'm reading his thoughts now and he like "you suck", like he watching Kurt Angle, but it won't be no Vince Mcmahon here to save you when the Paul Bearer bring out the Undertaker
  • Kane won't get a chance to say he forgave you, my brother I watch you come up when you said your win rate was higher, what happen! all that rapping but you ain't inspire the top ten on the brackets, ask them? If they had a match with a drastic attacking dragon that blast them
  • you out of my league for a comparison, i'm daring him to get American's to vote for him, he so boring! I would just floor right pass him, in something so foreign, in the morning Sunz coming up, he ain't no doc was runner up
  • get your tummy tuck, challenging Mav was as stupid as smoking some grass, I'll heat it up! his honey bun will have a razor in it when bite into it it will cut his jaw, i ain't come to play at all, he wanted sixty four bars
  • well lets get it on, two years i was banned, but I still gave them songs, rap pad know me for writing the psalms, you right where you belong, i'm far gone! When I decided to roam all them years I been gone and now you claim to be on the throne
  • and I guess you feeling like you in heaven, but you ain't impressed the state of the shape of a seven, my words bring out the presence of Melo, my fellow! you couldn't string along if you was playing the cello, I discuss this better if you was wearing yellow
  • get your shit together, I'll spit forever, try me and be Siamese to the doc till they stitch your feathers, this teddy bear very scared, it will be a nightmare if he see me there, eyes open radar focus
  • i'll crack his shell yokeless he put his money up, watch how quick he get sick of being a broke fuck, you thought he was fucking with me sue Trojan for false advertisement of a military soldier, it doesn't matter if I fought for the government
  • just know I fought all over, from the UK to Australia, and Asia i gave my condolence's, rather they like me or want to fight me they know to get their rhymes right when my mind right, this was time wasted overdue situations that shouldn't even have been debated, face it!


  • No annotations needed I'm to fucking weeded, My Sonny youll know what I'm talking bout when you read it.
  • Now why should the Florida Gator pander to a salamander. All them mosquito bites inflicted you with severe delusions of grandeur. Your only known for being banned I guess he's proud to be a cancer.
  • Stop kidding, this is reminiscent of me feeding on a chicken. I've been to his city, He's trailer park living just scribbling ghetto fiction. I'm like Ali, the reason why Sonny's not Liston(Listing). If we ever met in prison, I'll leave this nigga sonnyL dead in a bloody cell.
  • It's so hot that my Glock made this battle of winterfell, but I'll kill your whole army solo I'm like splinter cell. I heard about you being called master splinter in the jail. I got 21 grams of soul to mail trying to make my grand entrance to hell.
  • Tell me how can I lose when his name has the L attached? If he's SUNZ, I'm WR102 painted over matte black. Gunshine State I got the heat that attracts. Florida Man I'm the craziest of the batch. This mirage won't distract I love a blindsided attack.
  • Death roll rappers until the arms detach I'm strapped like backpacks with MAC 11s. Better tell him the bars measure over 2 million Kelvin. I'ma let him live for a second while I kill his brethren.
  • Listen to the Reverend, stop counting your bars, get a weapon and count your blessings. I'm trilluminatii my 3rd eyes open, so I'm scoping when I C-truth I've carved a SPACIOUS cube to bury your destitute troops.
  • EASTANIMALS more like pigeons in a coup. It's ironic that it's me flying solo shitting on your crew. It's something similar, to John Wick tying his dog neck in a noose. ANIMAL LOVE thug, bra cut the goat loose. I'm two times nastier than Nook he's to spoked to shoot I'll murder him like mook.
  • Now back to laser point focus on you stop pointing a taser when I'm shooting hollow points at your hoop. Them cat piss lyrics stank they should be scooped. I write live try my best to freestyle your flow is trash and took a week picked up from the free pile.
  • You change your profile to a picture of the state? Ima change it your face on a memorial license plate. You wanna take the title of Florida's best, but you already had a chance to be a leader, but failed that test. That MMM shit was a mess.
  • He's a supposed to be vet, but Marshall will be in effect if the pyramid landed on your steps. couldn't afford to supply the Mafia with vest. Your no threat, Sonny couldn't catch a body with a fireman's net already set. Don't gamble against Gambit you losing the bet.
  • The title is mine, I'm using son's bones to forge the first throne where I'll sit alone. Your heart rest alone packed on ice closed in stryofoam. I'm giant dripped in chrome.
  • Picture trill flying fist to the dome. Now picture this idiots trying to cement bricks to a home. My lyrics are re barred reinforced I got that Tropicana orange juice I live by the source.
  • If you Google where he's at you will see that there still traveling by horse. You can probably catch this weirdo late night with his dick out straddling a corpse.
  • Trills from the city and he's in the country where the traps never busy. Talking bout let's wait for fairness nigga fuck you and the committee. I wouldn't quit even if we was counting to infinity. Keep that dusty ass town I'ma own the state for a century.
  • The violent tyrant of the future island where it's gonna be to dark, Sonny's not surviving. Bury this nigga on Anna Maria I'm the leader lightning Santerias. I made GRIMM drop a teaser.
  • But I rather watch your blood drop by the liters. This closest you'll ever be to Trill is nine millimeters when I'm holding the pen to your face shooting Ether. I'll make him drop to his knees praying like Tim Tebow off a roundhouse elbow. Knock his old ass out the fake Shell toes.
  • Your flow is basic like Asics I see the velro I wrote paragraphs cuz you said do it unlimited but I've been on the line of scrimmage I'm out, this took me twenty minutes, sorry I didn't edit I was trying to finish.

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