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  • hi a litel guy are you want a some pice of pai?
  • fuck you and your mama are you want to do hear drama?
  • becus i kill you in this battle rap
  • and i fuk your mom very hard
  • so litel shit are you fuking done?
  • stop crying and say i am fuking god
  • oh ya


  • Man, you think you know of Battle Rap howeva'z ya skill not,
  • "BRIGHT AS A BUTTON". I ain't even gonna give my all n' dis rhyme whats tha point you lacked skill-you MIGHT BE SMIGHTED SO QUICK got a, verse
  • for you-burning ya hotter than a stove top ova oven!
  • Maybe this heat'll make you BUTTON UP ONE'S LIPS,
  • Dis verse, deeper than the soul of BOTTOMLESS PITS!
  • Lied about da 64 to this isn't looking good fo' ya spit.

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