Battles  Elijahmakesmusic vs PsychoPuppet


Only 10 bars

Max of 18 lines


PsychoPuppet won this battle!


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  • 2:17-3:06
  • You can’t be Waka Without the flames
  • To make it in the world is like a chess game
  • You gotta know when to play your moves
  • Getting down to the beat’s funky Groove
  • yet we have the goals,yet we don’t wanna lose
  • Other don’t understand my life attitude
  • Stop checking on me, things are fine
  • Ain't a good story without a plot line/
  • These local rapper flexing c notes/
  • But your autotune isn't on key though/
  • Ain’t lil Wayne but moneys is on mind
  • Trying to get it without a 9 to 5


  • Talkin bout waka without flames I’m flames and you whacker
  • It’s ya puppet none other than ya mother’s favorite rapper
  • If this a chess game I snatch ya queen, checkmate
  • You more like the knight every move you make is in an L shape
  • Talkin bout c notes I play ya girl like sheet music
  • Bang through her wall like Pulp Fiction I’m bout to just eat through it
  • See stupid, I came with the better words you gettin slaughtered and stuffed in a hearse
  • You tryna get it without a 9 to 5 but you an average Joe bout to get this works
  • You don’t wanna tango with me I got ya girl with me and she IS a dancer
  • End ya life in 10 bars like alcohol poisonin and liver cancer

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