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Just do a personal piece about something in your life what's going on and such No recordings only put 61 lines because i didn't want to cou

Max of 61 lines


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  • Waking up early for no reason
  • Not feeling decent
  • Back pains and strains bed with cum stains
  • In a daze waiting for eight
  • In the morning so I can drink a few
  • Beers nothing else to do
  • Yea I should improve
  • But fuck that noise
  • Without alcohol I'd be highly annoyed
  • As I sit liver destroyed brain toyed with
  • Being sober I do not enjoy it
  • Sick of being patient to eight and shit
  • They should make it
  • Twenty four seven cause I'm bettin
  • They'd make way more profit
  • Just being honest exploit alcoholics
  • Cause we need a drink like all the time
  • If none then we'd be losing our minds
  • It's still dark out no sun has risen
  • Imprisoned waiting for eight like Christmas


  • Rhyme forms fluctuating makin' an impact.
  • Spittin' somethin' so odd and abstract
  • Impudent in every battle-match.
  • It was so contrast
  • This is like two molecules colliding, 'cuz when the spit happens you'll react.
  • Spittin' fo' ever signed the contract
  • You'll "Beat The Rap" so you're not "behind bars".
  • Causin' more chaos than fights at WORLDSTAR
  • bring tha "beef" I'm "off da meat rack".
  • You iz a fake to be "CREAM OF DA CROP" when dis guy must've "GET OUT OF A JAM".
  • Murder da audio, thats how you "KILLED THE TRACK".
  • Bein' yourself, probs the REALEST FACT!
  • Hot Celeb, you'll have "Eye Candy" syndrom.
  • But don't act-Kanye and Jay Z get it twisted when he wanna "BALL HARD" wit a Paris Anthem!
  • Icon-rolla, see if you be them there's a "Forbidden Fruit". So, with that said be ya own king n' tha booth!
  • This is how you "rolls" a 64-tote it where da "ROYCE"
  • It's Def in here....
  • There's calling, came here to rip mumble rappers down-bring n' the realest sound.
  • Autotune, and repeatin' lyrics. What happened to the punchlines, the metaphors, and the wordplays.
  • If I had a punchline-to demonstrate the meaning of a mumble-rapper it'd be better than the "gun lines" how you relate,
  • ya rhymes to an AK
  • Battle rap isn't just about how you say a skill is better, than another. See anyone could spit hotter than a SKILLET in the summer!
  • You're making me "GO BANANAS", how can you relate yourself to all Emcees 2PAC bein' one Eminem the other morph ya own style into something unheard of!
  • This is some "Food For Thought" don't go devourin' other rappers like you metaphorically CHEWED THE BLOCKS!
  • Oh no, dude. Don't go hatin' on BIGGIE TOO god how many of you-do I need to go through?!
  • I've arisen to "BRING THE CURTAIN DOWN".
  • To an end, is when I see people mocking the greats and where they at-they worked hard for it-it didn't take success from just rap!
  • "DARKEN SOMEONE'S DOOR', you're a disgrace to Hip Hop Biggie would bring you Floored!
  • This shouldn't even-take a 64! So here's what you "BRING TO THE TABLE"
  • A gun rhyme, How To Kill A Rapper when you hold the mic!
  • Is there anything you don't hate man?
  • When I said I was bringing Oldschool Hip Hop to return, literally meant I'm bringing it back.
  • Now, wit tha speech hook me up to tha MICROPHONE JACK, 3.5 mm, and 2.5 mm sizes, and in both mono and stereo configurations. Not all microphone plugs with 3-segment TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) connectors are actually stereo.)
  • Check 1, check 2, check 3, check four, bring those that would-spit wit something Real knockin' down a MUMBLE RAPPER'S DOOR!
  • Thats the spit of my life. How it began.
  • Choked, like my throat strangled by a ripcord.
  • Face-first when they slammed on the doormat!
  • Harlem's Harbinger of HIPHOP/RAP

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