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  • I was born a loser, but I'll die a legend.
  • I promised my mama I'll do something with my life.
  • So I'ma do it for her.
  • And y'all don't understand that I'm working all the time.
  • But I'm workin all the time.
  • Writing songs, never stop, keep goin' even when I'm tired.
  • Got an average of 2 hours sleep at night.
  • I believe in myself x3
  • I promise I'll make it, so I can't get off my grind.
  • I'm so underrated now, but that shit's all fine. (cuz)
  • Every single new day, I begin to see more light.
  • More people showin' love, instead the hate they showed before.
  • They finally realised I'm real, so that's a sign I'm blowin' up.
  • Learned a lotta life lessons, that's why I'm never givin' up.
  • Keep believing in yourself, and you'll be ending up on top.
  • Making small steps forward, can't stop thanking the Lord.
  • I believe in myself x3
  • And we all started from the bottom, yeah we all came from nothing.
  • I'ma gon' do something with my life, cuz that's the shit I just promised.
  • Nah, I'm never givin' up, I'm never ever givin' up.
  • Y'all used to tell me I'll be nothin', but it's time to prove you wrong.
  • I'm the realest in this town, and I'm the realest where I'm from.
  • Man you never should've fucked with me, cuz I will not go down.
  • Why the fuck you tryna play me for, man this ain't no playground.
  • Just focus on your own biz, and just take different route.
  • Cuz I'm here, you standing in my way motherfucker.
  • I´ll be on my grind all day motherfucker.
  • I ain´t got no time for beefin´you motherfuckers.
  • I´m just on the road, time to get my cake motherfuckers.
  • Okay.
  • And that's what I'm gon' do, I'ma fuckin' win.
  • It might take a long time, but you know that I'll be there.
  • I will not give up my dreams, only shit that I'm believin' in.
  • Cuz I believe in myself!
  • I believe in myself.


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  • I'm conversing with death as the clock is slowly ticking,
  • He's got a proposition told me just to stop and listen,
  • I feel him coming closer as I plot this composition,
  • His body manifested now he's talking from a distance,,
  • I know you feel my presence as your jotting all these rhythms,
  • Let me take you and I promise that your problems will diminish,
  • Yeah life is hard but I know that one day I'll escape,
  • But I will be the one thing you ain't able to shake,,
  • Eventually one day I'll come and take you away,
  • So you might as well embrace me now instead of the wait,
  • But I just can't bear the thought to leave my family to grieve,
  • All these humans are the reason that your sanity's weak,,
  • Total torture from the time that you exited the womb,
  • Never ending gloom won't you just accept that you are through,
  • Go ahead and make your move tell me what you got to lose,
  • God is with me this is all a test to see what I will do,,
  • Lord I'm calling for your help I'm on the edge about to leap,
  • Please show me another the way so I can get back on my feet,
  • All The pressures building up and I'm still searching for relief,
  • Give me strength to live another day and fight off all these beasts,,
  • In the land of deceit the home of the slave,
  • I plan to release my soul from this place,
  • No answers or peace just total dismay,
  • No way to defeat the voices of plague,,
  • I know you had enough pain and stress in your life,
  • And I also know that it's of test of faith to make me wise,
  • So you need to move aside let me handle this with pride,
  • I can see it in your eyes these words are burning deep inside,,
  • You never will escape this poverty that you've been placed in,
  • If I stay committed then I know that I will make it,
  • Can you tell me why you shed tears on a daily basis,
  • I can feel the hurt and desperation that your facing,,
  • I'm gonna keep on breathing till the answers are given,
  • I'm not dealer so I can't control the hands that I'm getting,
  • Do you want to watch your family die inside of this prison,
  • While your Still Roaming on this concrete in a land full of sinners,,
  • All the scandalous bitches you loved that fucked all your friends,
  • All The leeches and the parasites that sucked you for ends,
  • Now that the money's gone you will never see their face,
  • so you know the path to take load your piece and seal your fate,,

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