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  • gangsters paradise no Coolio
  • I cried at Nipseys funeral
  • I feel like I died inside the studio
  • then came alive on the passenger side of Gods ride
  • still mobbing playing Phil Collins Pseu Sussudio
  • I'm the Goat, where's Julio
  • ..Fred G. Sanford , S on my chest like i'm from Stanford
  • Your'e little lame Lamont. With Esther as your Aunt/ I got
  • extra if you want. but come test me if you want
  • / I stay wit that junk man / in case niggas wanna jump man/
  • my nigg, it aint much of a bargain when ya saving on jordans
  • / I tell niggs, I beg ya pardon i'm the pen wheres the margin
  • james harden when i'm scoring
  • I would touch you but im too hussle showing my true muscle
  • ..I See - Eras through russle
  • I can change the name of the future through couples
  • intervention no comprehension or attention ..I ohh almost forgot
  • to mention...I am soo N.O....its like A.D signed an extension.
  • I had to ask my teacher and I asked my preacher
  • ..howcome Nipsey Hussle aint live as long as Aretha
  • ? the teacher you gonna hear me when you wanna blast the
  • the speaker.
  • and if you wanna know how long this might last.
  • homie , ask yo peoples...
  • i


  • I'll make em' reverse, and disassemble, like IDA-PRO HEX RAYS.
  • Rest a minute and concentrate-laid ya style back like a recliner chair
  • you'll laugh like you was on NITROUS OXIDE I'ma-burn ya style wit the Naptha.
  • Unleash raw skill doubt you'll keep-hold of the CHAKRA! control you like MECHA
  • well-built fo' dis verse it'll blast you got my-right power tool choices like, selectin' words more than, gun inventory of machine thats MECH ASSAULT flip ya like an original XBOX ANALOG STICK
  • we ring oldschool n' BOX out I'll do knock-outs like "Julio César Chávez hits".
  • so we addin' dat POUND FOR POUND combo! Chillin' da verse packin' freeze balls, if on controller-keyz tussle wit-skills got ya career slammed when I go "forward, down, forward. then a finishing highkick-thats a UPWARDS KANO BALL so dis, Mortal
  • want Combat? One air-punch and he's flyin' like SUPER SMASH BRO FIGURES-then down below from arena-explode when FALL FLAT!
  • Convert style to madness more than, SALT SPITTING. Have ya finished school yet? Knowledge iz a power-ya still n' the "beginner mode" like workin' out electronics from V-TECH.
  • Fall-splitting, ya mind about to crack a split through the cranium, way of thought gotta an Excalibur straight at yo intellect.
  • Dis a battle-starter left wit a "charge with tusks" like my "first move" was releasing out a MASTODON
  • insubordination havin' a crew got more, vocabulary
  • than DON Q
  • Boogie-down rhythm these mumblers gotta free notability. Finally-a free emcee wit tha mobility.
  • I'm rocking this "GROVE" like B-MAC.
  • There's a flow-you can always rap about don't you SEE MAN!
  • Lyrical Hip Hoppin' aborigines
  • original rap-is my home-be scared when I-speak a breathe make Tondux get-Aerophobia.
  • INstead of more spits-should drink wine, like a bacchanalia
  • back-here to rap at ya ramblin' out words make sense-instead of goin' dumb-when you smoke a blunt "RIPE OLD AGE" wit the Goat Beard
  • I'm not tha greatest juz' need to spit how I feel when I hold the microphone-wit a battle-verse Tondux this is only happening once!
  • Swear if he's talking about how ta, blow wit the guns pray to God his life gets better from here, to ions!
  • this is a preacher's adulation
  • rippin' lies from ya mind-fake words spittin' out the jogular. Can tell ya flow, on the regular.
  • Spit neater arrange ya style like, flowers from a florist.
  • I seen beauty it happened on this Chorus.

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