Battles  BlockoZay2100 vs hazed


No cursing.

Max of 18 lines


hazed won this battle!


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  • Hustle like I’m broke
  • Your nig is just a joke
  • It’s all on me and I bet I never choke
  • I killed your flow with a freestyle
  • You can rap back but it might be while
  • Until I reply, my oh my
  • You lames workin bad bishes twerkin
  • Stack my racks up cuz I’m puttin’ work in
  • She popped that ***** til she said it hurtin’
  • I don’t care, treat her like a ho
  • CREAM til the end all a hustler knows
  • Just how it goes, ya I suppose
  • Watch that dish drop straight to floor
  • Flipped that hoe over put on fours
  • Here I come, woah bish woah
  • We ride 84s, we tote 44s
  • Talk that ish get your head chopp’d off
  • Yeah I’m out I beast I boss


  • No cursing, no need for conversing cause I beat rehearsing
  • Your bars are confusing as cursive, casting thousands of curses
  • You're a generic thug, if I was your dad I would disown this barbaric son
  • Those so called "bars" are distasteful as asparagus
  • So sensitive, little boy needs a fairy kiss
  • So go away you hair bi***
  • All I have to do is censor my curse, but when you entered my verse, you were dead from the first

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