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  • Now it's is over
  • Just think I can't move a little bit closer
  • think that i can't hold her
  • Now she want somebody else
  • I'm on the shelf
  • I try to forget, but I can't break this spell.
  • That I knew so well.
  • Now I'm chained in this broken hell.
  • The one rebel....
  • Why do i miss your eyes?
  • Even though they hurt me deep inside
  • I can't take these fucked up lies
  • You were the devil in disguise.
  • You were running off with other guys
  • I cannot be with you now
  • You took me I don't know how
  • I watch you dancing all around
  • Even through that giant crowed
  • somehow you still stand out
  • I swear i'm over you now
  • I swear I swear I'm over your smile
  • I swear on everything you can't take me now
  • take me now
  • where are we now?


  • Im feeling excited/
  • Why?/
  • Because im writing/
  • sometimes I need this just to keep smiling/
  • I can get the self hater shit out of my mind and on a piece of paper/
  • Makes me feel greater/
  • Music is my therapy/
  • It soothes me cant you see/
  • When I feel like Im gonna lose my mind/
  • I grab my headphones put on some tunes and Im fine/
  • Most days I walk a fine line/
  • Between my good and evil side/
  • Trying to find my way through all these lies/
  • That I tell myself while looking into my own eye's/
  • Im fine/
  • Im...fine/
  • Why do I need someone else in my life/
  • To keep me distracted from the, pain, I feel inside/
  • I dont know why, I cant write like this all the time/
  • If I could all this rap shit would be mine/
  • But I cant, and guess what/
  • I'm fine/
  • I'm fine/

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