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  • I wasn’t born a legend
  • Wasn’t born highly pleasant
  • (But still got dreams)
  • I don’t have a dramatic backstory
  • Not even interesting history
  • Not gonna lie, I show mercy
  • (But still got dreams)
  • I lie multiple times a day
  • Yes it hurts that way
  • But I’m helping the ones who forget to pray
  • (They still got dreams)
  • I woke up thinking I’ll join a community
  • A website of rappers in a bonded unity
  • Rappads my home, u can call it my buddy
  • (It’s still got dreams)
  • I’ve noticed multiple trash talkers
  • Threatening to fuck people’s daughters
  • They’d never get away with it, pussies can’t get away with manslaughter
  • (Their dreams are dead)


  • 36 lines and no rules.
  • Call this anarchy. Bring n' da old-style resurrect it time I brought back everything.
  • Make ya "steam flow" bleed exhaust like, an automatic extraction unit turbine.
  • Desired level "dried"-like rhizome microphone-slayin' like, dioscorea paniculata obliterating rheumatism
  • Verses stiff-like joint arthritis new style approach battlin'
  • an all-out hoax-ya low like, d-layer
  • spittin' obsolete jawn old-classic like Panasonic headphones
  • style mixed with Bimetallic Element Biocide-life'd with Dahlia flowers
  • Your "dream verse" deposits, like Efflorescence.
  • You the Hell n' this world I'm the metaphorical answer of Heaven Sent.
  • Boombox rappa arsenal with beats is my Genesis, you producing raps-ain't enough "shock"
  • than, an electric battery
  • got my primary-flow secondary forms-together with it, like I combined emceedom and word ics spittin' ubiquitousness
  • and omnipresent. I'll spit n' the present-exist with gods-to use you like, MK Ultra
  • Make you dissolve like, an electrolyte. I'm like Medusa
  • turning ya to stone with my eyes.
  • Make ya lips-"swell"-when I blast the "Hydrocarbon" Aromatic guns.
  • You'll wanna grow ya gift-erect like, ulmus campestris sariensis lyrics to teach into ya senses learned anything new?
  • Or is that knowledge still about how to get girls with ya crew!? God damn it's not about the way a vagina-looks Nuclear a lotta-rappers who studio mix and autotune blow an era this generation in music
  • gettin' worse than The Great Depression
  • I build off punchlines more than LEGO towers
  • mic-drop on a King settle in the hour!

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