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  • Welcome friend
  • To my fight
  • After this
  • You'll wish you're dead tonight
  • Fighting you
  • Simply easy
  • Going true
  • Breeding insanity
  • You'll wish you could use profanity
  • As your trying to tackle me
  • Were you just crying
  • Probably
  • As you can see
  • This going to be
  • the best rap you have ever seen
  • This fight is mine
  • And you will see
  • I'll push you into
  • Go ahead and try to fight
  • But all I'll see is an ugly sight
  • Yea I fight
  • No you fight
  • Then you'll feel dead inside
  • Then I'll provide
  • A numbing pain
  • But you'll have to turn
  • A fight inside
  • A fight within
  • So now I provide
  • A little pinch of cyanide
  • Think that was it, no that's not all
  • I must stand and you might fall
  • Ya done yet, 'cause I won't stall
  • I won this, that's the call
  • Now I plow while you say "wow"
  • Now this and that, they all go POW!
  • So the time is now
  • This is the end............
  • We'll meet again
  • For now.....that's the end


  • Yo I'll slaughter your army with one bar probably even if it's sloppy,
  • Spraying 130 words per minute you can't spot me like a proxy,
  • Slay your pose when I aim the shotty leave holes in your body,
  • Take your grave and put a date on it like yo gotti,
  • I control this shit like illuminati and it's just a hobby,
  • I'm not a christian but don't ever try to cross me,
  • I'm like a chiropractor leave you with popped knees,
  • Swinging a ball bat till I hear your jaw crack,
  • Your just a pussy a small cat like an old building you're bound to collapse,

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