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  • I'm leaping in your mind from a higher dimension,
  • My rhyming intention's to leave your fucking spine disconnected,
  • Slice up your brethren with these lethal rhymes that I'm sending,
  • My lyrics hit you like a train till your life is ascending,
  • I'm back at in the mathematical rap savage I smack faggots,
  • Your style is older then some black sabbath,
  • So step to this I'll wreck your clique get higher then the deficit,
  • As records spin I bend this shit with definite malevolence,,
  • My verbal politics will burn the earth just like a arsonist,
  • Ponder my ominous documents see my bars are sick,
  • Stomp on this metropolis and conquer with the hardest spit,
  • Your incompetent I'm dominant get locked in a sarcophagus,
  • On the mic your flirting with death I'm cursing ya steps,
  • I'm serving the best and straight up purging your breath,
  • I'll cripple your crew then go get lit as a fuse,
  • I'll make piss in your Hanes and watch you slip on it fool,
  • Don't you ever try run up on me boy you'll get your body crushed,
  • Observing all the bars that you've spoken and It wasn't much,
  • Your overdosing off my lines like addicts snorting dust,
  • I'll uppercut and lift you off the ground just like towing trucks,
  • I'm the angel of death just watch me graze on your flesh,
  • I be Steadily dropping tracks till I'm labeled the best,
  • I'm always Blazing ses and slowly pacing your steps,
  • Working your brain with lyrics like your taking a test,,
  • Defying physics with this rhyme exhibit,
  • Time to get it lines are livid leaving wise incisions
  • When I'm mapping out this violent vision,
  • I'll shred you like lettuce if you enter my presence,
  • I'm the best and I rep it my words are proto-semetic,
  • I've been up for ten days working on my pen game,
  • I possess the spiritual knowledge of many senseis,
  • The master of this go home and slash up your wrists,
  • Savage that's packing a gift avidly crafting this shit,
  • I'm like a lethal predator hunting my prey smoking a blunt or a jay,
  • Switchblade through yo ur stomach let your body decay,


  • Creatin' new battles, like India Lord establishin' new frontiers, like Curzon. born to be a Wordsmith, if there's a lyrical-image of sex tape n' this blindmatch I'm not with it be yourself as a person!
  • You're flow gettin' kicked harder than Dutchess and Harry ex-in' out people at car parks!.
  • Bust down Squaring out like how,
  • IS MY MAXIMUM! Ballpoint pen, straight to the olden scratchpad,
  • ya writs I'm "breaking them up"-like RUTHORFORD DID TO NUCLEUS, OF AN ATOM.
  • How sharp can ya-handle this exposure my pen choppin' you up like MEAT CLEAVERS.
  • Where's da Heat only time I seen fire was when you had PLAYERS N' MIAMI!
  • How are you gonna work wit da Tech but forgot 9 in ya bars.
  • You made APOLLO seen stars!
  • Dissin'? Is ya heart in the right place when you're spitting. Verse cause n' impact-like CLIMATE CHANGES health bars reached the max when I spit on these pages! Dude lacks-skill blast a verse-EVERY PUNCHLINE DON'T NEEDA GUN when I can-carve ya the right visual of this like, you was reading EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHICS.
  • Look, money doesn't physically flex-juz' ya arm muscles lifting the weights watch how dude panics and reacts when I,
  • spin-kick em' the POUNDS.
  • Mass destruction is when I blow out ya tobacco-spit fire that melts it-make you sip up wisdom more than LEAN
  • Bringin' out the punchers on this technique. This is my full-form bringin' out "loyal death" like Queen Victoria.
  • New type breed on this Hip Hop Poetica.
  • Yo, I'll cause more rumbles n' the booth harder than Charlie Sloth at Rap Shows!
  • Shapeshift iz it? You'll wanna-change shape when you shift everytime I spit fire it's burning 1996 SONY Cassette Tapes.
  • Oldest original track god I'm slammin' oldies back bring it a spin like old SCRATCH VYNL.
  • Ya probs best workin' the freestyle track off top of ya peak! When it comes to battle-rappin' son know it be a masterpiece.
  • Shift betta change his style before I bust it down it'll fall like JERICHO BRICKS
  • You'll wish I never exist when I spit a writ, got it rougher n' voice Shape light-weight like WALL STREET OPERA HYMNS.
  • Tryna cop at my lyricism, after this may not be compared ever the same again.

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