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This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on April 5 2019


  • Yea......I'm a kind of a beast
  • When my minds at peace, I'm alive and free, and aligned with chi
  • Intertwined and weaved, rhymes synchronized with some grimy beats
  • I'm inclined to speak and share the lines that were divined to me
  • The bars make him shiver and shake, he’s scared straight
  • To have them fold and take off quicker than paper airplanes
  • Cause when the heat's on, you squeal like a baking lobster
  • Bring the arsenal to your dome like a game of soccer
  • This bitch ain't taking me out, this ain't a Sadie Hawkins
  • When I swing on him I change whatever gait he walks with
  • I got a hook that'll test them with life and death shit
  • So when I throw a left, a dodge is a step in the right direction
  • Blessed by the highest heavens, I'm god-sent with an artists hustle
  • You try and write but all of your joints are weak like carpel tunnel
  • I snatch him at random or demand cash for the ransom
  • Cause if you’re ahead of the game you’re singing national anthems


  • I'll leave your articles clowned no pennywise I look at your bars and I frown,
  • Aquasoul is so watered down he's starting to drown,
  • I speak deadly words lay a verse and evacuate part of the town,
  • I'm carving your style like slashing at clothes you're about as hard as a towel,
  • I sleep alone inside a demon's home around a fleet of bones,
  • Killing gets me high when I harvest your adrenochrome,
  • I wreck more bars then drunks in a pub you'll get crushed into dust,
  • I'm never down for anything all I know is up your flow just sucks,
  • More then vacuums you must be inhaling gas fumes,
  • My presence is so big I alone can pack rooms,
  • Your always in the back seat like you live in a taxi absorb my verse like maxi,
  • You could be moving light speed and still couldn't pass me,
  • I smack weak like punching calendars you'll never match me,
  • You're trash dude didn't I take you out last week?,

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