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Fuck you I fucking hate you for embarrassing me and your life Is not that complicated. Nobody Is making fun of you so fuck you.

Max of 24 lines


Web_Alternate won this battle!


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Battle on January 8 2019 and Battle on April 10 2019


  • Fuck you Web Alternate you are so not original
  • Spider Man Is your boy you drink milk with his cereal
  • Because of you grown ass men are judging me
  • They could not leave It alone and let It be
  • I just hate life sometimes I had It rough at young
  • My mom was a alcoholic dating all the bums
  • When my dad left us I never saw him and we were broke
  • So do you assholes still think my life Is a joke?
  • You say your life Is complicated? mines Is 100 times worse
  • I'm not blessed I'm very fucking cursed
  • And too make matters worse everybodies laughing at me
  • I just wanna vanish to another world


  • Yo real shit, why are people wasting time hating on me?
  • Hating on him, hating on her, not taking on fiends
  • Nothing Is guaranteed In life you don't know when you'll go
  • Life Is real short so learn to grow then you'll flow
  • Why are you so concerned about the next man?
  • Get off his balls and accept whatever your best can
  • You want love friends and attention? want acceptance?
  • If none In essence then you dwell In depression
  • Society has brainwashed you to accept feeble
  • Inject needles In veins all In vain to Impress people
  • You can't Impress em because humans are never satisfied
  • So why compromise and have your Integrity sacrificed?
  • That's why your bitter In a placement the blatant
  • High on kites ready to hit the pavements the basement
  • All I can say Is life Is whatever you make It
  • It could suck or It could Improve so take this statement

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