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Write Whatever (YDMFSDW)

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  • I got a chiseled jawline all of the bitches are attracted to
  • I'm an athletic unique man a chick magnet dude
  • I'm also equipped with a big dick to hit the clit
  • These small dudes are huge dicks to chicks to Inflict the grit
  • Yo girl checking me out you know conflicts a bitch
  • And If you get up In my shit I'll Inflict my fist
  • In yo no jaw having ass ugly motherfucker
  • Dating way out of your league fallen In love buster
  • Yo face will kiss the floor after I knock yo lights out
  • Ain't nobody around yo this Is not yo fight crowed
  • She Impress no less unimpressed with mess detest
  • With a lack of finesse In testosterone to test the best
  • I dressed the best attracting breast I like drinking milk
  • These rhymes of mine with punchlines my pure thinking builds
  • I'll lock you In steel cell with enough sight to run It through
  • Slap yo wife In the ass then fuck your wife In front of you


  • who tha fuck is you all up on my chin/
  • some one get this audacious fuck Mugz you know who this is/
  • Im over here chillin jus minding my business/
  • this fuck comes along talking bout jaw bones, is u serious/
  • audaciously delirious this weird queer is/
  • and you talk about fuckin my wife like that some original material/
  • fareal folks still think thats how you battle man you came to get killed/
  • That lame ass shit mo weak than 7 days/
  • I hope you can do better but its likely you can't/
  • I don't know if I should diss or dismiss you/
  • WiSh is that you naw he got flow that can't be dude/
  • Not Dope Doc he go harder than you too/
  • HMM, nope Im at a loss, hey Hoss have I bodied you before/
  • ya know on another account like I did....LilSlumpLord/
  • Of course your that suicidal Emo Kid that miss that Emo Rapper/
  • that died down in Florida last year that triple x sumpin bastard/
  • can't remember dudes name but he was a lame too/
  • idolized by an entire population of lame fucks jus like you/

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