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Battle on June 12 2016


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  • Break it down and synthesize my poetic verse,
  • A mystic guy with written lines that lift you like smoking herb,
  • I can spit your rhymes before you actually wrote the verse,
  • Indelible words drop like sledgehammers and broke the curb,
  • I'm at the top and I won't ever fall to no boasting nerd,
  • My swings will leave your motion blurred like you smoked a pound of work,
  • Killing pride get the tide I'll Stab your chest and soak your shirt,
  • Known to spit flames but you could never match it when I burst,
  • yo your ass is getting murked your so dry I'm hearing thirst,
  • Bringing sheep together is the only time you're getting heard,
  • I get in heads like im a perm speak so clear your spit is slurred,
  • You peer with two eyes but I'm seeing with my third,
  • So cold I'm freezing time so the seasons never turn,
  • Leave grieving in cement taking action with my verbs,
  • Go and grab the dinner plate your flows are getting served,
  • Got diarrhea of the mouth so your speech is straight up turds,
  • Grip accurate raw sacraments obtained from caves in Nazareth,
  • What's happening the pens mightier then the sword I stab with pens,
  • I'll go and call exterminators if you ever rat again,
  • I'll kill you once travel back in time and kill your ass again,
  • Fuck doing a battle I'm battling suicidal thoughts,
  • Have you flipping from a written now you doing somersaults,
  • Drop more heat then molotovs what you wrote was hella soft,
  • Raid ya like desert storm hastening heavens doors,
  • When it comes to probabilities I'm tapping lady luck,
  • Yo it's not deer season but I have to make these bucks,
  • I don't care I'm hella rare like I'm serving up steak,
  • Your words are mistakes I'll have you see a turbulent fate,
  • The verbal technician I'm wired and I'm sparking critics,
  • I fire at opposition don't rap but I talk in rhythm,
  • Carve the wicked like it's halloween,
  • Casualties surrounding me like columbine,
  • I'll drown you with an ounce of me,
  • Fiending for a homicide I'm higher then the scaffolding,
  • I rap supreme try and test get an F cuz your fucking weak,
  • What's beef it's no biggie to leave you underneath bloody sheet,
  • Come and see I'm deeper then submarine,


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  • One time for your mind, i punch every line
  • wine and dine in calvin klein, Sir so refined
  • serve tea in fine china, laced with strychnine
  • mic's are energized, my light never out shined
  • on my grind to provide, write a rhyme to unwind
  • on white lines, more than whitney snd britney combined
  • i'm paid in the shade, getting cream so crispy
  • blazed on high grade, the pigs wanna frisk me
  • its risky, quick to switch up and get shifty
  • tipsy off whiskey, get lean like its protein
  • fiend for sticky weed, scenes on green screens
  • mean evil schemes, fast like amphetamine
  • addictive as nicotine, split like a guillotine
  • routinely leave emcees, with screams and bad dreams
  • extreme paralysis, dismantling any challenges
  • assassin vanishing, after smashing battlements
  • like a rampant young stallion, damaging battalions
  • in blackness strike matches, canvas burn to ashes
  • i make no mistakes, only have happy accidents
  • i'm ravenous, for the baddest packages of cannabis
  • rappers cant handle this, i'm madder than banner is
  • raptures capture a storm, when i enter the centre
  • render you defenceless, with intense dementia
  • burn like an ember, redder than a double decker
  • ya sket i get her wetter, when i grind her like pepper
  • one two mic checker, she begs to neck the nectar
  • or whatever, i send text like a homewrecker
  • weed relieve pressure, scripts are ripped apart
  • fast like a jaguar, with twists that are bizarre
  • flick clits hard, i snap bras just for a laugh
  • crash cars smash guitars , blast on fat cigars
  • solid not skunk, graff on the pub - hash tag bars

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